Y/n pov

Hey wassup yall my name is y/n Iam very outgoing i am a freshman at shadowridge hs I love people but I can't catch a guy to save my life. I think its becuase I'm a lilttle on the big side but I'm NOT UGLY I weigh 179 and guys my age just want to take adventage of me but that is not how its going down.

Princetons pov

Yo yo yo wadd it do my name is princeton but u can call me prince for short. I love girls I wanna thick girl not no skinny cheerleader bitch .... although I'm with a skinny cheerleader bitch ill get to that later. I honestly don't mind a little fat on a girl its attractive to me but I would never be seen with on but aye being the most popular senior at shadowridge hs isn't easy :/.

Nobody pov

Y/n walked into school late she was rushing to her locker. She started to take her stuff out of her backpack so she wouldn't waist time. She wasn't paying attention a d she ran into a very large boy.

Princetons pov

I'm just walking around during my free period and some body runs into me. She fell I didnt me being a quarterback I think I would have been fine. I looked down and she was beautiful not a skinny girl a beautiful chunky chick the kinda girl that makes me fall to knees and just makes me wanna eat her sweetness all night long.

P: I'm so sorry beautiful

Y/n: oh no I'm sorry I was in a rush and wasn't paying attention.

P: it is ok I anit got no worries. Lol

Y/n:lol. Well let me get my big ass up

P: :/ why do u say that?

Y/n: becuase I'm big duhhh

P:well I like it a lot ;-)

Y/n: *blushes*

P: I also like pretty chocolate girls with pretty hair that smells so good just like u

Y/n: *about to cry from his sweetness* thank u but u should know ima freshman

P: and Im a senior ur point would be..... I mean age is just a number its only three years 14-17

Y/n: well I should get to class

P: well I should walk u there.

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