"Mark, why are you doing this right now? Leave her alone! She didn't know!" Jack defended his sister but Mark only rolled his eyes.

"No, I won't fucking leave her alone." Mark persisted, his tone ice cold and hard as rock. "I want to know what kind of fucked up human being you have to be to see the bruises on your little brother's face and fucking ignore it. I want her to explain to me what it felt like to listen to you getting the shit kicked out of you and for her to just turn a blind fucking eye. I want to understand how she can just sit there with a straight face and say nothing when she knew all along and didn't even try to help."

Mark did nothing to disguise the pure fury he was feeling, the blatant outrage and disgust in his words showing no mercy. His face completely expressionless as he looked across at the girl who was crying freely now, her shoulders wracked with every sob.

Jack was silent for a few seconds, staring wide eyed at Mark who didn't even do him the comfort of looking him in the eyes. Disbelief coloured Jack's voice as he turned to his sister, voice soft. "H-he's lying, right? You didn't know, did you?"

Megan's dark hair cloaked her face, a hand coming up to wipe her eyes and nose before looking at her little brother with pleading bloodshot eyes. "Jack, I- I'm sorry. I was just so fucking sc-scared and I-" She paused, looking down at the floor as salty tears dripped from her cheeks and onto the wood below. "I didn't want him to st-start on me if I said something, alright?" She whispered brokenly to the ground because she didn't have the guts to look her little brother in the face. "Yeah, I heard it sometimes, saw your bruises after. But what the f-fuck could I do? I would only make it worse." 

Jack's brain could comprehend what was happening. It was too much too soon. Why was everything he had going down the drain all at once? It wasn't fair. None of it.

But when had life ever been fair to him?

Jack wanted to be angry, he really did. He wanted to feel adrenaline rush through his veins as he screamed out his feelings and threw furniture around recklessly. He wanted that little spark to ignite in him again and start a blazing fire of pure rage. You have no idea how desperately he wanted that release, just to feel alive.

But he couldn't do it.

It was all locked up behind a wall of hurt and pain built from the knowledge that she'd known all along and done nothing to stop it. Maybe if she had tried, done something as simple as help him up when it was over it wouldn't feel like such slap in the face. But she feigned ignorance and he had to pick himself up after all was said and done because, as always, she wasn't there. And that fucking hurt.

All he could do was sit there in silence while his sister cried her eyes out, her hands coming up to cover her face in shame.

'Good.' A dark voice in the back of Jack's head muttered. 'She should be ashamed.'

"J-Jack, you never said anything. I thought you could deal with it. I'm sorry, I thought if it was too rough for you you'd come to me." She defended herself weakly, her voice strained through her tears. "And you never did. So I kept quiet, everything was normal."

Mark looked livid, he was practically shaking, his hands closed into tight fists, the knuckles bright red and bruised, the skin split in some places. They looked painful but he didn't seem to care. "Of course he never said anything, you fucking idiot! It's your goddamned responsibility as his family to protect him from this kind of bullshit but you just sat by and watched because you were too fucking worried about your own ass!"

Megan suddenly looked up, cold hard anger in her features and a challenge in her watery eyes as she glared up at Mark who was nearly jumping out of his seat in his rage. "You know nothing about me."

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