I'll make it better| Dom!Sollux X Karkat

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    My cousin requested some Karkat and Dom Sollux so... (This is one of my OTPS and I would've written it anyway)

     Karkats POV

       "FUCK!" I yell stubbing my toe on something in the dark, "Damnit!" I scowl and limp to a lighter place in Sollux's hive, Cherry red blood dripped off of the edge of my toe. "SOLLUX WHAT THE FUCK DID I JUST STEP ON!" Sollux took his eyes off of his computer, "Thtop being thuch a baby KK, I dropped thome glath earlier and I didn't pick it up." I scowled at Sollux for being such a dick head and not picking his shit up.

"Come here KK" Sollux yelled. "Fine you fuckass!" I stormed over to the spinny chair Sollux was sitting at. Sollux picked me up and sat me on his lap "OH MY GOG YOU SON OF A BITCH! FUCK YOU!" I scream at sollux blushing as I felt my bulge against my pants making me blush more. "Thomeones a horny little fuck" Sollux smirked. "AH! SHUT UP! STOP! TOUCHING ME AND LET ME G- ahhgg...." Sollux Stroked my bulge through my tight pants, "oh my god Sol-Sollux,,," I say between moans, Sollux grabs my hand and pulls me on to the couch. "AH! ASSFUCKER!" i yell as he yanks on my hand. Sollux pulls off my sweater and traces his fingers along my markings. "oh-oh gog Sollux" I moan his name over.

   "Doeth that feel better KK?" I shake my head no, "oh well thath a thame..." he pulls of my pants along with my boxers "HEY FUCKASS STOP!" my bulge moved back into my nook. he took off his pants and boxers slowly, along with his shirt, he puts two fingers in his nook to make his bulge- wait he has TWO? my eyes widen as I watch both  huge bulges come out of his nook. He walks back over to me and puts me in an awkward place as I start to panic realizing where this was going he put his first bulge into my nook. "GAH! SOLLUX FUCK- FUCK ME RIGHT THERE! OH OH MY GOD" I scream moaning as loud as my lungs alow me " You little bulge thlut" he says pounding his bulge into my nook

   Sollux stop suddenly and places the tip of his second bulge to my ass, "Sollux! ONE IS ENO- AH OH MY GOG!" He slams it in, both of his bulges are now inside of me. I scratch his back with my long nails as he bites my neck a few time each time biting harder. "Damn KK your tho tight" I'm on the verge of cumming, "SOLLUX I'M GONNA CUM! OH MY GOG!" We cum at the same time, sollux giving a few more thrusts just to work it in. I push away from him and flop down on the couch we just fucked on, "sorry about the red stain..." I say rolling my eyes "Thath okay, but did I make it better?"

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