Ch 15: The Bitter Burn of Gin

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Killian POV:

I wasn't a fool. Gizmo had kissed me with a purpose, and it wasn't in an effort to catch my attentions.

Whatever Elizabeth Adair was trying to tell me, Gizmo didn't want me knowing it.

And while the lustful thoughts her kiss inspired told me to go hunt her down and coax her into finishing what she started, my rationality dictated I go get the rest of my information from Mrs Adair.

Which is why rather than indulging myself with a feisty young girl I found myself trying to explain while yes, I did inappropriately kiss the gutsy girl back, no we were not lovers to an old woman.

"you seem rather enamored with her Mr. Blythe and that girl will use that against you."

I nodded at the old woman, knowing already that Gizmo was not above using herself to keep people from her secrets, "I assure you all will be well."

"Shes dangerous."

"I know. But she isnt unstably so."

She eyes me skeptically, muttering to herself, "it depends on which one she is..."


She shook her head at me, "before i continue with my information I must tell you what i have told my servants, if I am to end up dead in the near future or at anytime with a suspicious cause. It was her. Feel free to let that devil child know i alerted my staff as may very well cause her to keep her distance."

I frowned, despite the general indifference Gizmo showed the general human race, i couldn't picture her actually plotting to murder someone.

That would require her to give enough of a damn about them to think them over.

Still i nodded, "I will pass that on Mrs. Adair."

The woman nodded, licking over her bottom lip and peering around carefully before whispering to me, "its her."

My brows furrowed, "pardon?"

"One of the twins Mr. Blythe, im not sure which but Gizmo is one of those evil girls."

I rose a brow skeptically, from what i have heard of the sisters gizmo was the last character I would expect, "is that so?"

She nodded "I recognized her the moment she came to me after you. That coppery hair and narrowed gaze. They would both look at you in this certain way, eyes narrowed like a predator before they set out to ruin you."

I took this information in stride, "Gizmo is one of the Gladstone girls?"

She nodded.

Well it would certainly explain her 'knowing' them, "and you dont have any sort of idea of which one?"

"Not the slightest."

I nodded thanking her for the information before heading on my way.

Gizmo told me miss Gladstone was dead but never felt the need to fully elaborate on which one or even mention that there were two of them. And then she informed me I was chasing a ghost when I asked if Ginnie was dead. It could have been a way of throwing me off...or honesty.

But Ginnie would he immobile by now..

Closing my eyes I knew the only way I would get anywhere was to tell Gizmo I knew she was one of them.

Sighing I made my way to Curiosities and Oddities, hoping she didnt decide to shoot me on the spot when I confronted her.


The shops bell rang but what I walked into was not Curiosities and oddities.

It was a room full of barren shelves and not one single sign of the woman who owned it.

"Bloody hell..she didnt."

I explored deeper, finding an open door in the floorboards and climbing down.

The scent of bluebells hit me before i saw them all scattered around the small room drapes in rich fabrics, bed elevated at the end of it. A bottle of open gin and an empty glass beside it resting upon a table.

Walking over I noted a piece of parchment beneath the glass. A note.

Picking it up I read gizmos messy scrawl.

Killian. Have yourself a drink. No doubt you will need it now that your mystery has been brought to a terribly dreadful halt. I do believe I see another few years of foolishly hunting ghosts for your future. As for me, London have become dreadfully boring.
I do wish you luck.
You will need it for your level of idiocy.
Ah. And be a gentlemen and lock up on your way out? Its the least you can do for entering a women's bedchambers without invite, no? Cant have people trying to steal whats mine. I may want it someday.
But it will more than likely gather dust.

The bloody woman had gone. Vanished in the span of a few hours.

I picked up the bottle of Gin and prepared to write my employer of my news and discoveries.

He will want to hear about Gizmo and what shes been hiding.

And lord knows. Ill he chasing a ghost of a woman who wears trousers now.

The bitter burn of Gin on my lips reminded me of her in the worst possible ways.

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