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"Colin where are we going?"

He grins at me and goes back to looking at the road.

He always trying to surprise me.

Lately, he's been coming to school with flowers or chocolate or even lunch for both of us which I really appreciate, I just hate all the looks that the girls give as we are walking down the hallway.

Jessica kept trying to make reasons why he shouldn't go out with me but luckily he ignores her.

"I'm going to sing terribly until you tell me then."

I opened my mouth to begin singing as bad as I possibly could when his lips came to mine kissing me and going back to looking at the red light.

"Just wait and please don't sing okay."

I giggled and scroll through my empty phone.

Both of our lock screens was the picture that we took at prom.

He was looking at me smiling and me at the camera. It was really cute.

Finally, we pulled up to a stop and I came out of my train of thoughts, looking out the window.

It was a studio building for dance I think and Colin looked at me.


I say and he hops in the car coming over to open mine door.

"What's happening and how did you find this place?"

Of course, he didn't answer either one of those questions but took my hand and lead me towards the building.

When we entered, there was a bunch of children around the age of 10 maybe 12 standing in ballet outfits and two adults next to them.

It had to have been 30 of them in total.

I was confused to what they and I were doing here especially on a Sunday when the building said that they are close on Sunday but I didn't ask, knowing that my question wasn't going to be answered and sat down with Colin in front of them.

One of the lights were turn off and they started performing and I soon realized that it was a Cinderella Story like what I did when I was little. It was great watching them and they're very skillful for young children but the main girl fell down halfway through and I ran towards her.

"Hey, are you okay?" She nodded.

"Alright get back up and just brush it off. You got this, it's your moment."

She smiled at me and I did the same, helping her up and going back to Colin.

His arm went around my waist like before and they finish their performance.

They all took a bow and Colin and I clapped for them.

"You guys were so amazing! I wasn't even that good when I was younger."

I could replay all the times spent in the studio practicing the moves over and over until I got them right and my teacher saying that I could still do better.

"Liam's sister takes dance classes here and they wanted someone with experience to watch them."

The girl who I help up came over and hug me.

"I'm Holly. Liam's sister. He's told me about you."

I was shocked that he talked about me to his little sister but I hoped that it was all good things.

"That's a pretty name. I'm Hope and you know Colin. You and your group did great out there."

A small blush came to her cheeks and she ran back to her group, probably letting them know what I had said.

After talking to them, Colin and I had said our goodbyes and were back on the road.

Soon we were at Em's Restaurant and sitting at a table.

Emma smiled down at us when she saw us in the booth together.

"What do we have here?"

I looked down, fiddling with the menu in front of us.

"Hope and I were hoping for some good food today."

Colin says for me and I continue to look down.

"Honey you came to the right place. What would you like to order?"

Colin order a hamburger, fries and a coke and me the regular.

"What is the 'regular'?"

I looked up at Colin since Emma was gone and we were in the clear.

"Emma calls it the regular because I always order it. It's just a slice of pizza, fries and a Sprite with her famous brownies after."

He nodded and replied, "I wish I would have asked for that. Sounds good."

We started talking about many things and most of our conversations were great but what I was really focused on was what would happen if they let my dad out.

What was I even going to say during the trial?

I could tell that Colin's eyes were on me while I was eating because the thought about my dad had overwhelmed me.

"Hope, we'll get through this. He has hurt you for way too long and he can attend addiction classes until he gets his act together but him being far from you right now is what you need."

I smiled at him and squeeze his outstretched hand and went back to eating.

I told Emma all that had happened since she heard that he had gotten arrested.

She was heartbroken and was crying all over the place and told me if I didn't like Lizzie's place that I could stay with her and her husband.

I really appreciated it but I didn't want to impose in their household and Lizzie was living all by herself at 23.

It's great for me to know that they're people who care for me in this world.

As I got older I never really thought that that could be possible with the bullying and the abuse and the fact that my mom is gone now.

But I was starting to make friends with Colin's and his family liked me and Emma and her husband has always supported me.

For once in my life, I finally think that maybe everything is going to turn out okay.

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