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I know a girl. Her name was britney. She dreamed of being a princess and having her own happily ever after. That was until she had a rude awakening to reality. She found out that reality was a sad and tragic. She found out on the fateful night of October 9, 2004. On that day her parents were driving back from a dinner. her and her sister, only 5 and 6 at the time, were being watched by their aunt Kay.

Brit and Kattie, her sister, were playing barbies in the basement. Aunt Kay received a phone call at around 9:30 from the hospital. The phone call lasted a brief 2 minutes and when it was over Kay broke down on the ground sobbing. Brit heard her crying and asked "Auntie Kay? What's wrong?" "Go get your sister." brit did as she was told and brought kattie upstairs. "Aunt Kay? What happened?" kattie asked. "Your mom and dad were driving home from the movie and they got in a car crash and they went to heaven." she said.

Kattie started crying but brit had no clue what was going on. "What?" Brit asked. "They are gone. They are not coming home tonight," it finally hit her. Her mom and dad were dead. They were not coming back. They were gone. Tears ran down her face. Her heart started to break. This was the first heartbreak.

Since that day she has been living with her sister in the same house, with the same memories. The tragedy took its toll on brit , kattie was not as affected as brit was. Brit would cry at night when no one else was around. She started eating less and less as the days went on. Then one day she got in rolled into a new school.

That new school made her life worse. The kids would make fun of her. The girls would bully her because they thought she was prettiest girl at school. One day Chad, the most popular guy in school, asked her out. She said yes and they went out. When she was under his spell, he had a dirty plan to play her. I know this story like the back of my hand. Why? Because I am Brit. And I learned a few things in my life.

I learned that Sometimes love hurts. And in the game of love, not everyone's a winner. Especially not me. Some rumors have been going around school, that my boyfriend Chad had been cheating on me. Not with one, but two other girls. I never believed them, until I saw it for myself

Not Creative enough for a title Lies diese Geschichte KOSTENLOS!