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"I want kids." The statement was just randomly shot into the air in the middle of a serious gang meeting. There were often moments when Harry didn't even understand why he took Niall everywhere with him, and this moment right now, was proving to be one of them. The brunette carefully placed the gun on the table, faking a light lipped smile towards the men clad in black and white suit and ties. He was honestly getting tired of keeping up with Niall. 

"I'm sorry - what?" Harry hissed, keeping his voice lowered in order to not raise alarm. He pushed his hair out of his forehead, focusing more on the pretty blonde sitting on his lip. Niall, no matter how charming and gorgeous he was, was certainly a tough person to deal with. He was too stubborn and almost stuck by things that just popped randomly into his mind. 

"I said I want kids. Are you going deaf Harry?" The blonde muttered, rolling his eyes. It was a sudden urge you see, to have kids and have a family and even though he was young and way too childish himself to be even thinking about having kids, he knew he wanted them. A big part of him did. 

"Can you guys leave us alone for a moment?"  The curly haired brunette directed his question to the crowd upon noticing the small amount of tears welling up in Niall's eyes.  It was his weakness, to have the blonde crying because of him. Harry nodded curtly when the men left, leaving him alone with his one and only beautiful lover, dressed in a plaid mini skirt and a red crop top. 

"Whats's going on Niall?" Harry whispered softly, rubbing his forehead with his left hand as he sat back on the couch in the opposite direction so that he was face to face with Niall. The older man adjusted his jacket, eyes staring intensely into the blue ones as he waited for a response which was yet to come. 

"Nothing. Nothing at all." The sheer amount of uncertainty in the Irish accent made him believe that things weren't as peachy as Harry had thought them out to be. He loved Niall, he truly madly did. Why else would he hold out on sex for such a long time? Why else would he risk his entire career and life in rescuing the blonde every time he happened to get kidnapped? 

"Be honest." Harry sighed,  pushing himself back on the couch and spreading his hands on the armrest. He allowed himself the privilege to rest his legs, they needed desperate stretching, on the glass table counter. It was as if all the exhaustion just left his body at one soft sigh. Harry closed his eyes, giving his lover the time to get his own feelings sorted. The serious and tense atmosphere of the room was bothering him. A lot. 

"Where is this going Haz?" After ten minutes of complete silence - during which all Harry did was keep shut and relax, and all Niall seemed to do was fret and sigh - the blonde decided to speak up. 

"What do you mean?" The brunette asked confused, his eyebrows furrowed together as he tried to get a clear look on the emotions waving past Niall's face. It was hard for him to describe something he had hardly ever seen. Niall was always so bossy and sure of himself, he was never this uncertain about things, never so unsure and insecure. 

"I was thinking about things, and I don't know Harry but I really want us have a family. I want kids." Niall repeated the same line once again, his heart hurting when Harry cringed at the last part of the sentence. He never expected the brunette to be on with the idea or be purely ecstatic about it but he never really wanted him to be so...repulsed by it either. The Harry he knew was so damn fond of kids, even though he had never expressed his opinion on wanting one of his own but Niall thought he would be an exception and he would be the one to make Harry believe that in a world filled with violence and crime, they could have a little normalcy around. 

"You know we can't drag a child into this world. It'll put them and you in more risk." There was sweat coating his eyebrow now and Harry raised his hand to wipe it away, not wanting to appear weak in front of Niall when all the blonde did was look determined and a slight bit angry, now. 

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