three//fuck you
[January 29, 2016
7:04 pm]

"Hello Hunter."

Hunter held back his groan as a different Officer entered the interrogation room. The last Officer didn't speak, she simply stared at Hunter for a hour trying to search for an opening.

"What do y'all want, now? Can't a man get a break?" Hunter groaned loudly.

"It's been a long day for everyone. Hunter I just want to help you. Let me help you." The Officer responded as he moved closer to Hunter. Hunter raised a eyebrow as the closeness but didn't say anything otherwise.

He stared forwards waiting for anyone else to enter. He could still feel the Officer's eyes trailing over his face.

"Damn can I have my face back!" Hunter snapped.

The Officer chuckled, throwing his hands up as he moved away slightly.


"Mr. Lombardi-Fiu. You may call me, Mr. Lombardi-Fiu and only Mr. Lombardi-Fiu. Now, I would like my lawyer." Hunter snapped.

"Officer, I believe that's when you get my client his lawyer. Hunter have you been read your rights." Jeremy voice filled the interrogation room as he stood in the doorway.

Hunter smiled brightly as he turned towards the Officer, "Nope." He answered popping the letter p.

Jeremy Lockwood smiled as he watched the Officer stiff at the information. "Well you what that means, Officer. Hunter, let go this little interview is discarded because you didn't know your rights." Jeremy said.

Hunter smiled holding his hands out for the Officer to unlock his handcuffs. The Officer unlocked Hunter's handcuffs before standing up and fixing his suit.

Walking pass Hunter smiled before turning away.

"I'll see you at court, bitch."

_______________________________________[January 30, 20169:30 am]

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[January 30, 2016
9:30 am]

Hunter placed Leo's food into the microwave before sending a quick text to his babysitter.

"Signore. Essi macchina è pronta. Sarà poco Leo essere venuta con noi?" (Sir. They car is ready. Will little Leo be coming with us?)

Hunter turned around to see one of his husband's hired man entered the kitchen.

"No. Leo sarà alloggiato qui e così sarà fino a quando arriva Alecis guardarlo." (No. Leo will be staying here and so will you until Alecis arrives watch him.)


Hunter glanced around his shoulder to see his son Leo stepping down the stairs holding onto the rail. His curly hair was crazy sticking all over the place wildly.

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