CHAPTER 48 The White Coat Gods

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"You were my never be."


"What about all the meds? Are they pumping her full of meds again?" I asked Dad on the phone.

"No. I told them I want to be in charge of all the nutrition she's getting and everything they put in front of her and in her," Dad said.

"Good. Cuz we can't have them pump her full of all those meds again," I said.

"No. We're not seeing that movie again," Dad said.

I was relieved. She was still in the Hospital. But the difference between her being there now was we knew a lot more about what the fuck we were doing. We had her on a program. We may not know exactly where it was taking us or the results it would lend, if any. But we knew the chemo-pump-her-full-of-meds program was out.

We weren't going to be pushed around or railroaded by some white coat Doctors who thought they were and acted like Gods because they knew more than we did about some things. We weren't going to swallow their program down carte blanche because they wore white coats and walked around with authority.

No. This time there were going to be a lot more questions. This time we were going to get into the decisions being made on behalf of Mom. This time we had a stronger voice. This time we came with purpose and a mission.

They may know more in some areas. But they weren't Gods. They did not control the universe. Contrary to most of their popular opinions, they did not in fact know, everything.

Miracles happened. Even ones they could not explain with all their knowledge and schooling. The universe still defied their logic, their laws, and their data. We hadn't slaved, fought, and loved Mom all these months to go backwards.

"They thought it was the cancer taking her over. So they did a bunch of tests again. Another CAT Scan and MRI," Dad said.

"Have the results come back?" I asked.

"Yeah. They said the cancer tumors have shrunk," Dad said.

"WHAT?! OMFG!!!"

"I know," Dad said.

"I can't fucking believe that?! Were they in total shock?" I asked.

"Yeah, they were. They were dumb founded. The one Doctor pulled me aside and told me how much of a scientist he considers himself. He believes in science and data. But he said even he can't discount these results. He said they cannot explain them," Dad said.

"W-o-w," I said.

"The entire Hospital is in shock," Dad said.

"That's so fucking awesome. Wow. All those months and we had no idea what we were doing," I said.

"I know. It's amazing," Dad said.

"And Mom fighting us the whole way. That's so fucking beautiful!" I exclaimed.

"It is," Dad said.

"Do they know how much the tumors shrunk?" I asked.

"The one doctor said between 20-25%," Dad said.

"Wow. All without chemo or Mom being on any meds. And in two months too! We've only been juicing for 68 days. That's pretty fucking amazing," I said.

"Exactly. They told us we had to do chemo for Mom to have a chance. We said no. They told us not to bring her home. They told us we couldn't handle her at home and that we weren't equipped to deal with her. They said we had no training and we should put her in a care facility. We said no and brought her home. They asked what we were going to do with her at home. We had no idea. Now the Doctors are asking what kind of program we have her on. So I told them about the juice and the Doc," Dad said.

"Gosh, that's fucking awesome. Maybe they'll open their fucking eyes a little to other avenues of healing."

"They're going to have to now. We've put it right in their face," Dad said.

I was ecstatic. I couldn't believe it. Sure Mom was in the Hospital which wasn't good because we hadn't resolved the issue of her being in pain. But we now had data that proved our path was an alternative to healing. And we had turned her health around in two months, which was fucking unbelievable.

We'd shocked the White Coat Gods! I couldn't be happier!


She was taken to ER last night & admitted to ICU after complaining of severe abdominal pain. She was given a blood transfusion again, half her body's blood. Unknown cause & no results yet. The Doctors were most concerned about the Lymphoma, which has SHRUNK DRAMATICALLY (68 days of juice). :) But they are concerned about the Liver, and digestive tract. She will be in hospital for several days while they run tests. Obviously we are very upset & concerned. We are asking for prayers/positive thoughts on behalf of Mom letting go of any emotional baggage that she is holding onto that is hindering her healing. Please do not send flowers. Mom is NOT accepting visitors or phone calls at this time. If there are additional things you'd like to do, we are creating a list on behalf of the family (you can email me for it). I'm going to post updates as I am physically able (I'm sick). Unfortunately neither myself nor my Dad, can do this personally with each individual. We don't have the time or emotional reserves to keep repeating the information over and over again. Thanks for all your support! Blessings to you & yours, c

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