Chapter #17: Coming Home.

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A/N: Yo?! I've decided to make a attempt at continuing this story because I received several messages pleading for another chapter. Me in all honesty, didn't really see the point since this was basically ment to remain a draft at first and my writing hasn't matured at all, but i am glad y'all genuinely enjoy it. So I'll do my best.

Of course sunrise came the following morning after darkness faded away as to be expected, and I know precisely what day lies ahead of me -- A shit-can't-get-realer kind of day in progress.

How? Well for one, I'm utterly nude inside a beautifully decored penthouse suite, tangled in sheet's that are insanely comfortable with incredible padded pillows and several different types of soft fabric underneath me. Sure it sounds delightful, but I don't own any of it, it belongs to a psychopathic statue named Logan whose quite keen on torturing me because of some crap Luke whom when I find I will murder, slowly, very slowly.

The other reason why was simple; A migraine from one of several awkward positions I slept in or when I was rolled off the bed due to Logan yanking off the comforter in a fit of sleep-deprived rage, which by no surprise was miraculously my doing because it would be obnoxiously stupid if everything that frustrated him wasn't somehow magically my fault.

How? Well, it was quite simple you see, if the statue-demeanored-pompous named Logan sees it that way. It's that way.

Leisurely was how I peel myself off the floorboards feeling as if every limb has been brutally fractured, standing unstably on both feet before trying to move and to top all this off, logan is gone. Freaking left me alone in this penthouse to starve, to pretend I won't loose whats left of any bit of sanity I may possess and to stare at walls for hours maybe. Depending on how sadistic he wishes to be.

Did I mention I'm stuck in a penthouse with a empty refrigerator?

Sharp pain causes me to hiss with venom as I gently rub my lower back to soothe the soreness sprouting from within. I take ginger steps toward his empty kitchen seeking water and hopefully food for my growling stomach. After searching both fridge and cabinet's twice as if food would magically appear if one closed and opened it again, defeat sunk in leading to fathom maybe just maybe this was my punishment from logan.


How long will he force me to endure such torture was to draining to think about. He was furious last night, shit I think his eyes might've been glowing from so much animosity. Tch. I've head of pricks before but Logan takes the whole damn cactus.

While angry and hungry enough to mirage about carpet looking weirdly tasty like popcorn, I double back at the kitchen's point of entry, finally figuring out which damn door was the bathroom, I decide on a shower out of boredom and to erase the feeling of being dirty.

Ten minutes it took me, to figure out how to work the witchcraft handles this freaking building calles a shower.

I'm not convince it's a shower.

More like some ancient machine with weird buttons an nobs for no complete reason. Some rich people spend money on the weirdest, most unnecessary items.

Fresh out the sorcery that's labeled a shower. I dry off and steal a pair of logan's baggie clothing only to tie baggie sweat pants around my waistline in frustration. An have a oversize T-shirt float effortlessly to my mid-thigh like tempting lingerie.

I feel perverted now.

My brain swams with images of how Logan devours my lips in an fit of possessive rage, egging me on in vile ways and position's. That damn vicious tongue bruising every inch of flesh in it's path, tasting me. Using me.

Fingers creep south, with ill intentions from upper torso to my cock in a matter of seconds. I definitely am perverted. But I don't care, just want this ache in me to cease it's overbearing sensation immediately but me just stroking isn't enough too. So weirdly lay on the bed to lift my butt in the air, caressing it before spanking like logan does. Not enough... More. I need-

"So lewd, Allen." Time halts for a single moment, everything feels enhanced with a mysterious air perfuming the room. When did he- "And here I thought you were hungry for food. But I can see you crave a very different meal instead. Something more fulfilling..." Logan's tone dropped an octave as I hear him crawling on both knee's to me, unzipping and buttoning his pants that probably pool around his knee's from how he shuffles. "With a proper length. A thick girth, so afterwards you feel...stuffed."

Behind quivering thighs, a fully exposed backside and loud panting was where Logan stood on bended knees, mere feather touches away from desperate skin contact. Waiting patiently for me to respond even though I refuse too, my body obediently succumbs to his whim.

When had he even entered- "Ah!" Two colossal palms spread me open for a better view and I could feel Logan leaning over me, probably preparing to insult me. An I can't seem to fathom any proper insults to return while in this position if he decides too. "Nn."

Why am i so eager? Tight both palm's moun the cheeks they grasp as if I were a new toy to play wit- I bite my lip in disdain to even finishing that thought. He has you trained like a real pet.

Shit. With me in this vulnerable state I doubt I could move without a visible reaction to the skin contact that has my entrance twitching in excitement. What a fucked up way to start the morning off.

He snickers knowingly. "Ahaaa." Parting me further to his desire, warm saliva tickles me while dripping between my crack. The entrance twitches and I arch at a shiver traveling through me. One hand leaves to grip his member that now smacks against my inner crack before sandwiching it between both cheeks and starts slowly humping me.

Logan's movements came to a halt after a few mind-numbing thrusts, "But that'll have to wait for later, much to my displeasure." He groans, backing away slowly until back on his feet where the unmistakable zipper and fabric shuffling sounded. "I think you might wish to know..."

Every inch of me in hyper aware of him roaming around moving unnecessary thing's while I'm all hot and bothered to the brink of shivering from lack of friction. Even so, I listen. "K-know what?"

Ass still perched in the air, I'm far from embarrassed at this point. Logan walk's into my view, looking disheveled and delicious as ever. "...Luke is coming."


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