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It's honestly a bit amusing how fast the party dynamic changes. There are exclamations of disbelief and surprise, and then everyone is rushing to congratulate the expecting couple. Hinata doesn't really take in the specifics right away, however, as she's too busy trying to breathe after accidentally inhaling her sake.

When the tears in her eyes clear, she looks up to see Sasuke and Sakura standing in the middle of everyone, flustered and embarrassed. Well, Sakura looks flustered – Sasuke simply stands there with his usual distant expression. Although, Hinata is relieved to note, a distinct aura of satisfaction emanates from him.

At least he's happy about it, she reflects.

She is happy for both of them but especially Sakura.

Although she and Hinata are not close in the same way that Sakura and Ino are, they are on good terms. They share the common bond of knowing what it's like to spend years in love with someone without having it being reciprocated; to always wonder if going unnoticed is because there's something wrong with you.

Or worse, knowing the person you care for doesn't even see you.

It took Hinata a long time to realise Naruto's ignorance of her feelings had nothing to do with her shyness. Or him not considering her important.

He just happened to be dense as a bag of hair.

Contrary to Naruto, Sasuke's general apathy to Sakura's devotion was well-known even when they were children. It was never that he didn't realise, but that he didn't have time to care.

At least in Hinata's case, she knows Naruto never felt the complete indifference to her existence that Sasuke once harboured for Sakura.

Now, though, that indifference is absent – at least in the eyes of those who know him well. They still don't hold hands in public or even really touch, but Hinata can see it in the way Sasuke subtly leans into his wife, the way he glances at her every few seconds...like he's been doing all night (which makes sense now). It's as though he's trying to assess her health, happiness, and general well-being without being caught doing it.

It's almost cute.

Not that she would ever use the word 'cute' to describe the head of the Uchiha clan within his hearing. Hinata's only been glared at with the full force of the Sharingan once in her life, but that was enough for her.

Her thoughts flitter away as the entire dinner party divides into distinct camps. If she couldn't see chakra, Hinata would swear someone accidently tripped some kind of invisible wards.

The women all gather around Sakura, offering compliments and eager questions.

"How are you feeling?"

"You must be so excited!"

"When are you due?" Ino demands.

"Next April."

"Wow. You and Sasuke must've really had fun celebrating his homecoming."

Sakura sniffs. "You will not embarrass me about my sex life, especially considering Inojin told Sarada that at the last Parent-Teacher evening, you were caught giving Sai –"

"Do you want a boy or a girl?" Hinata interrupts quickly, conscious of the fact her six-year-old daughter is somewhere around here and shouldn't hear this.

"I have no idea," Sakura admits. "We haven't really thought about it yet. It's all so new."

"What are you talking about?" Ino snorts. "You've known for over two months."

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