Chapter 10- Sucker Punch

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-Elliot Incorporate

I parked my car and hurriedly got out making my way to the metallic box. Andrew had the elevator open awaiting me. I smiled at him though deep down I was achingly breaking into tiny pieces.

"Hey!" Andrew greeted clicking the button and the door closed.

"Hi", I sheepishly answered back.

He leaned against the wall and cocked his head at me with a smirk.

"So..." he prolonged and nudged my shoulder playfully.

I giggled at his childish behaviour and shook my head.

At least I smiled for good this morning...

I mentally sighed.

"Why are you frowning?" His voice brought me back to reality.

My eyes shifted into the distance as the answer to his question cut another wound.

", forget it", I brushed it off as if it was nothing.

I knew he was staring down at me intently and I was beginning to feel uncomfortable by the minute.

"Okay, as you wish", he gives up and then shifts his position.

"Now tell me, are you up for breakfast or do I need to drag you out of the building?"

Again I chuckled softly, Andrew surely was easy going and a true light company to have around.

"Okay, breakfast it is then", I looked up at him and smiled.

"Finally! She smiled!"

He burst out into a fit and I couldn't help but laugh. Andrew went off to his office and promised to pick me up to head for our breakfast. As I walked into the familiar lobby, my heart accelerated by the second and my palms got all sweaty. I tried my best not to glance at that direction. And even tried to not anticipate the urge to hear his voice, see his face, inhale his scent...I tried to lock down my system and the syndrome I fall into by just thinking about him.

He got me all agitated and dolled up for a 'so-called' date which he blackmailed me into agreeing. He sure has some nerve...and to be honest, I am more miffed at myself for falling into this trap of his. I knew that he was too good to be true yet I weakened in the knees whenever he stared at me with those gorgeous, knee-wobbling, honey brown eyes. But as they all say- a girl learns from her mistake and if not, then she is a complete fool.

I straightened up and placed my bag down on my desk before rearranging my files. I noticed that there were new projects for me to enlist and work on stacked on my desk.

Taking the time to tidy my desk in meantime, Andrew should be on his way to get me. To those who may be questioning my emotional state right now, yes, I am not crying. But that doesn't mean I am not hurting inside nor ever going to tell Ian how much of a jerk he is. I came to the conclusion that I am a grown woman with responsibilities and I can handle myself quite well, thank you. I don't have time for love nor for pathetic people like Ian who uses and manipulates others. I believe in leaving problematic situations as they are and moving on.

There is a simpler way of dealing with heartache and potential humiliation. Just "man-up" as they all say! Seeing that I am done, I took out my clutch purse from my handbag and just in time, Andrew walked in with his killer bright smile.

"I see that you're ready", he beams and takes my arm like a true gentleman.

"You have me feeling like some elite woman you are taking out...all stuck up with chivalry", I chuckled as we walked down the lobby.

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