Chapter 9- Insomniac

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-Perez Apartment

My nerves were getting the worst of me, I tried to sit down and logically come up with a trump to Ian's blackmailing.

Honestly, won't blackmailing me make me hate him more if liking him is the main reason for this all. Then again, I work myself up too much when coming to him. It's high time I ignore his infuriating manner and not obey his orders that requires me to step out of my comfort level.

My closet, to begin with, is not like that of those models he dated every week. All I had was work clothes that weren't suited for a date night. I hummed before quickly dialling Bianca's number. On the third ring, she picks up and enthusiastically answers.

"Avelyn! Long time no see, girl. How are you?"

I couldn't help but giggle. Bianca was a sweetheart and a true gem.

"I am great but I may need your help. I have a date and I've got nothing to wear", I helplessly said.

"No need to worry, darling. Leave the stress to me; come down at the boutique and I'll have you covered", Bianca tersely responds and I mentally did my happy relief dance.

"Thank you so much, I'll be there in thirty minutes", I replied before hanging up.

Sauntering to the bath, I shaved and treated myself to the best that I could afford. When I was done, I got into a simple summer dress and went down to the boutique.


The traffic to get here was epic, parking seemed inevitable and now I had to park a few blocks away and walk to the boutique. I noticed that the stores opposite Bianca's had renovated and their architectural designing was exceptional. I was really amazed. As I opened the glass doors of the oh-so-familiar store, the theme had changed and now the mannequins were all in designer clothing but more casual wears than extravagant.

I saw Bianca from the furthest end of the boutique speaking to a sale clerk. She was in fitted white jeans with a dark khaki blouse, gold scarpin heels and her blonde hair was loose. She looked the same and always beautiful.

"Bianca", I called out and she turned around with an excited expression.

She was always chirpy since I knew her. Her hands flew into the air opening wide to embrace me. I managed to hug her without her squeezing the dear life out of me.

"Oh, thank you for doing this", I cast her a genuine look of appreciation.

It's such a situation that we both marvel at; here, she gave me my first job as an interior designer and got my name on every socialite's tongue whilst we both hit it off in a friendship.

She grins and winks, at that moment, she looked gorgeous.

"Avelyn, it's the least I can do for", her hands clasped and she scans me up and down.

"Patricia", she calls to one of the sale clerk, a thick young lady with brown curly hair.

"Yes", Patricia comes to our side.

Bianca looks over to the designer dresses on the hangers.

"She's a redhead with blue eyes...get me teal and any dress that is sultry along the colour blue", she rambles out orders like a professional stylist.

Which she is, Avelyn! Duh...

I inhaled and just at a loss; looked at Patricia select skimpy dresses off the line. Bianca, on the other hand, left me and went to the second floor. I guess she went for more dresses. I just hope that the dress isn't revealing and fits with my budget. Patricia returns with her arms filled with dresses. Bianca joins in seconds later with a black sheathed hanger.

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