Chapter 2

''Milo'', I shouted as he walked down the stairs still laughing.

''What?'', He asked popping his head over the banister.

''Can I get a ride to school with you?'', I asked sweetly.

He looked at me apprehensively. ''Sure'', He said looking worried.

''Be ready in 5 minutes or I will be gone without you'', He said dissapearing out of view.

Johnny would definitely be getting a lift to, he always did. I rushed into my room. I was going to look hot at all costs. I reached into my underwear drawer and pulled out one of my usual push up bras. I wore my usual attire, but just chose option that were a lot more revealing.  I scooped my hair into a messy ponytail and I was feeling so good about myself. You should have seen me, there was no way in hell I was going to get out of the house like this.

I reached into my closet just as Milo shouted ''Come on''. I grabbed a big cardigan and threw it on grabbing my school bag and running down the stairs.

''Bye Mom'', I shouted and as I closed the door I heard her say ''Do you have your lunch''. So I popped my had back in the front door and said ''Yes Mom, you worry too much'' and ran to Milo's jeep as fast as my feet would allow. Milo eyed me suspiciously as I jumped into the car.

''You never wear make-up'', He said as he turned the key and the engine roared to life.

''Well I do know'', I said smiling. We pulled away from the house and as soon as the house was gone out of my view I slipped my bag off my back threw it into the back and began un-buttoning my cardigan.

''What are you doing?'', Milo said looking disgusted.

I rolled my eyes. ''Taking off my granny cardigan silly. I can leave it in the jeep ?'', I asked.

''Obviously'', He said looking back to the road.

I had eventually finished un-buttoning my cardigan and threw it into the back. Milo looked over, ''WHAT ARE YOU DOING?'', Milo practically roared.

''Getting ready for school'', I said smartly.

''Pull your shirt up now, I can see your god damn boobs Kira'', He said uncomfortably.

''Oh get over it'', I said looking out the window defiantly.

He turned around and kept driving as I fixed my hair in the mirror. We pulled up outside Johnny's house and my heart started racing.

Milo turned to me and snarled, "Pull that shirt up now!". The back door of the car popped open and a deep voice said ''You must be Milo's girlfriend, hi!'', The boy laughed.

''Dude, Thats my sister'', Milo said disgusted.

''No it's not'', Johnny said jumping into the car.

''It is, only now she has taken up prostitution'', He laughed as Johnny looked straight at me with confused eyes.

I slapped Milo on the arm and we both burst out laughing.

Johnny smiled at me ''You look different when your not covered in puke'', He laughed in harmony with Milo as I cringed and hid my face.

''Oh Lord'', I said sinking down in my seat.

Johnny sat forward and put his hand on my shoulder and rubbed it ''Don't worry all is forgiven'', He laughed. Johnny never moved his hand. He looked at me in a way I couldent explain. He then shook his head and sat back in his seat.

There was complete silence after that all the way to school.

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