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Dinah has added Allysin, Normami, BigBooty, Daddy Ralph, and        305-727-1432 to the chat.

305-727-1432: Uh... Wrong number...

Dinah: Oh shit! You're not Daniel!

305-727-1432: Damn Daniel! Haha

Normami: No. Catch mah ousside howboutda?

DaddyRalph: That shit's old too, dafuq?

BigBooty: What's your name stranger?

Allysin: Dinah change my fucking name!

Dinah: This is why your name is Allysin! Fucking Bitches...

305-727-1432: Tf? Why am I still here?

Normami: I ask myself the same question all the time...

Dinah: Rude.

DaddyRalph: Don't act like you don't think about leaving either.

BigBooty: I just want to know the strangers name!

Allysin: Shut the fuck up Big Booty Hoe!

Dinah: *Gasps* That's no way to talk to your girl friend Allysin!

Allysin: Go fuck Normani or something.

305-727-1432: She's got a mouth on her...

DaddyRalph: You should hear her when she's drunk...


I have restarted this story because I didn't like the original one but I am hoping this one turns out better than the first one...

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