Eric Watson: Awaken the Dreamers

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Eric and Carmen entered the car and resumed driving to the edge of Lakefield View. The ever-resourceful Eric replaced the bandage on Carmen's arm before driving off; the blood had quickly seeped through. She gave several grunts of pain as he wrapped another bandage around it, and put her hand on her chest several times as if her heart was crying out. He had to keep asking her if she was okay, even though the answer was always the same: "I'm fine".

"We can turn back right now," Eric told her as he slowed the car down. "We have no obligation to do this right now, we can just..."

"No Eric!" Carmen almost shouted. He could tell she was getting angry at his constant nagging. She looked at him, instantly regretting her tone of voice. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to shout. Claudia said that the monster had just visited, so this is the only window of opportunity we have. If we come some other time, we may run into something worse than the Ripper. I'm not going to let us down."

Eric understood and gave her a look that confirmed he would stop asking her if she wanted to turn back. Carmen gave him a smile, though it pained her. The rest of their trip was spent in silence, and a couple of minutes later, they reached their destination.

Leaving Lakefield View. We Look Forward to Your Return.

Rather creepy, Eric thought. The car slowed to a stop, leaving its occupants cautious to the newfound sounds from the trees in the distance and the field that surrounded them. Their breaths were quick and noisy. They looked all around them before looking at each other.

"It's still rather dark, I'm not sure I can see the Ripper anywhere," Eric told her, though he was hoping to provide her mind solace. "I'm sure you scared it off, so we're safe for now."

Carmen didn't respond. She was the first to unlock the car door and step out. Eric quickly followed her lead, finding himself again in total darkness without the car headlights. He managed to pull out a rucksack from the boot of the car with limited vision, and found a pair of flashlights. Carmen stood next to him and gladly accepted one of the flashlights.

She turned it on and dashed the light around. The immediate area appeared free of anyone but them, and she sighed with relief. Eric pulled out a pickaxe from the boot and handed it to her.

"Just in case," he said in an ominous tone. She took it off him as he held up an axe for himself. Eric closed the boot of the car, though with the surrounding silence, it made a noise louder than he intended.

The pair walked down the side of the road, the field around them unwelcoming. The wind died and picked up again in spurts, sometimes covering the sounds they made with their feet, and sometimes exposing them to the dangers that undoubtedly encircled them.

"We may need to get closer to the trees over there," Eric suggested once the wind allowed him to speak. "I can't see where the circle of trees are. Claudia said they blend together, so keep an eye out."

Eric led the way onto the grass. He concluded that there was about a mile of open field. Picking up the pace, he made sure Carmen was following. She was a little slower than he was, and she was trying very hard to not reveal any pain. His mouth opened to ask if she was okay, but he forced himself not to speak.

Their flashlights helped only somewhat to their narrow vision. Eric looked up to the sky and watched as the heavy clouds slowly rolled by. There was never an opening to let any sun through. He was beginning to forget what sunlight looked like.

Another few minutes passed by. It seemed the closer they got to the trees, the further away they became. The bizarre feeling of distance confirmed to Eric that he was heading in the right direction. He waved Carmen closer to him and spotted a tree that seemed out of place.

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