chapter 10

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Wow still in the plane

Wherever we are going is somewhere across the world

I look over at Grayson who is still sleeping, my lil baby

He squints and catches me staring

I turn away as quick as I can and he smiles

"You know, I know you were staring"

"Am I not allowed to?"

He was about to say something but he was cut off by a the pilot

"Ok everybody we are about to land, everyone put your seat belts on please"

He both click our seat belts as I can feel us landing

We land

"Ok everyone we have now officially landed, enjoy your trip in Australia"


I turn to Grayson and he smiles

I hug him as hard as I can

Australia, AUSTRALIA!! I'm in Australia!!

ever since I was a kid I've wanted to go to Australia, the animals here have always flattered me

"Everyone please get out of your seats and head off the plane"

"Your luggage will be at gate 3"

"Enjoy your trip everybody"

I jump up in excitement while Grayson is taken his time

"Grayson c'mon I wanna go hold a koala bear!!"

I get out of my row and grab the stuff I had above me

I walked until someone stopped me

"You do know us humans are more like bears then koalas" I recognise that voice

I turn around to see... Alice?

Oh my god Alice

Alice was friend in second grade until she moved to Florida

But what was she doing in la airport? And here in Australia

"What are you doing here?" I say confused

"Well it's nice to see you too"

I sigh "sorry just a little.. Jet lagged"

"That's ok, me too so how ha-"

She gets interrupted by one of the staff

"Girls, people are trying to get off the plane, could you please move along"

I swear I could smack that man in the face right now

"Excuse me b-"

Alice buts in

"Sorry sir, we will move"

She turns back to me signalling me to move along

I grunt and grab my stuff

"Grayson c'mon!"

"Yeah yeah I'm coming"

Well hello Australia


well thanks for reading this TRASH chapter

sorry for not uploading in so long!

til next time

Peace ✌🏼️💗

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