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I should give myself an award for arriving at school unusually early.

The parking lot was totally empty, so I have countless spots for my beloved bike. I decided to choose a lot where it was easily accessible, and then locked the wheels securely. Putting the keys inside my bag, I took a look at the horizon, where the skies were still darker than usual, and clouds started to become visible as the sun rose in the east.

No matter how much I tried, I was still unable to beat my best friend, with the exception of her being late a few days ago. She was already there by the gate, probably waiting for me, but this time she wasn't alone. Edward stood beside her, although both weren't interacting as much. He was completely on his phone, as I noticed that Seb or Adelynn wasn't around.

...but something is definitely wrong with him today. I would say that 'exhausted' was an understatement to describe him. His face was deadly pale, and the sagging bags underneath his eye had multiplied. He looked like he was about to... pass out.

"Rena... You okay?" Aly cut my thoughts off by waving her hand in front of my face.

"Oh... um... yeah!" I said it too quickly, because my attention was still too focused on Edward. He briefly acknowledged me, but his foot suddenly tripped over nothing. I was about to catch him from falling, but he was able to pull himself together thanks to his fast reflex.

"Are you sure you're okay, Ed?" Aly raised her eyebrows at him, "It's the third time you've been stumbling like that-"

"I'm fine I'm fine," He grunted and interrupted Aly, brushing off her concern, "this is nothing... I'm used to it."

"Well, I beg to differ," a completely different voice suddenly butted into our conversations.

Edward gritted his teeth together as he stared fixedly at his friend, Adelynn, who had her hands on her hips as she headed towards our direction. He tried to look tough by putting on a poker face, but quickly flinched when she stormed towards him, forcing him to move backwards until his back was against the wall. His body tensed up when Adelynn's gaze travelled up and down his body, quietly examining him in a meticulous manner.

"You're working overtime again, aren't you?" Adelynn interrogated.

Edward said nothing as he looked away.

She then groaned loudly, "Ed, how many times should I tell you that not all of your time is going to be focused on your job? You need to learn how to balance your schedule properly, especially when you have basketball practice and school as well."

"... I know I know, you don't have to tell me," he snapped as he lightly shoved his friend from him, "it's just that I lost track of time, that's all."

Adelynn didn't stop showing her concerns. As we were entering the school, she was literally lecturing Edward about time management and resting as much as possible. However, he didn't bother to listen as he simply rolled his eye and brushed her off, but this caused her to criticize him even more. Now that I started to see deeper of their relationship, it reminded me of what an overly concerned mother would do to her disobedient son. I can tell she's really worried about his well-being...

"Wow... that's some... scolding going on there," Aly quietly murmured to me.


... but I just hope he's alright.


"Hah... hah..."

Yup. Totally not alright.

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