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This story contains massive spoilers for the entire show. You have been warned.

It is also fairly old. It gets better in later chapters, so I apologise for the sloppiness of earlier ones


Darkness, that was all that could be perceived. A single leaf, carrying the hopes and dreams of the thousands who possessed the Will of Fire, it picked itself up from the abyss and began to float onwards, away from the darkness and into the light. The light began to brighten, blinding all and banishing the darkness in a flash, revealing a village.

The village stood tall and proud, after many generation it continued to dominate the world, producing Shinobi who strived for the best. Creating children who possessed the Will of Fire, just as their ancestors before them. The leaf, carrying the peoples' dreams and hopes, drifted off towards the village, picking up speed along with the wind.

Ancient stone walls incased the village off from the surrounding lands, and standing tall and proud upon said wall, was a figure. The figure, revealed to be a beautiful middle-aged woman, carried herself with a strong yet gently elegant manner. Her bland yet intriguing dark brown hair swayed lightly in the breeze, as did her long cloak. She kept her body hidden from view, the cloak engulfing thing figure, an infamous black and crimson clouds decorated across the soft fabrics.

The leaf fluttered beside her foot, silently, she paid it no mind, continuing to stare down the village, her calm expression not quite meeting her sea-foam green eyes.

With a strong gust of wind, the leaf was thrown out of proportion, spiralling upwards in the madness. The woman's loose fitted cloak and string-like hair began to sway wildly in sync with the raging winds. She reached a single hand out, snatching the leaf in a tight grasp. A smirk curling up on her plush pink lips as she squeezed her fist tight, crushing the leaf. 

The woman muttered, her voice barely audible. "Just wait.." 

Her gaze harshened, eyes flashing as her grip uncurled delicately, revealing the leaf as it crumbled away to dust.

The woman watched as the dust blew out of her grasp, raining down upon the village as her mind began to fog up, before she knew it, she was thrown back into her memories.

As by her hands, the will of fire.... will be no more.



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It is short and perhaps a little confusing but to break it down to you this is but a small peak years into the future and next chapter (chapter 1) will be set in the Lead's early years.

This story is connected to and set in the same universe as 'Haven | Senju Tobirama' which takes place about a hundred years earlier.

As I write this only 12 out of the 137 chapters are edited so please bare with my earlier writing. 

I'm only going to say this once - I own nothing of the Naruto franchise or series. All gifs, photos or videos I feature are not mine unless said so. I only own Rieka and other characters added later on.

So enjoy. Give feedback, or don't. Entirely your choice. Play nice in the comments and no fighting - You'd think I wouldn't have to say that but you'd be surprised.

Enjoy :)

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