A Drunk , Jealous Dixon.

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You , and Daryl go out with some of Merle friends , Daryl gets Drunk , and just a bit jealous .

{Pre apocalypse}

"Cmon! Y/n!" Daryl called for me in the other room.

"I'm not done beating my face!" I yelled in return as I finished up the little touches on my mascara.

"Ima beat that ass if ya' don't cmon' girl" i heard him say as he walked down the hallway ,quickly giving my right cheek , a squeeze and walked in the living room.

I grinned to myself as I grabbed my leather jacket off the counter , and quickly slid it on.

"Okay let's go"


We were going out to a bar tonight since Daryl said he was 'tired of staying at home' but I didn't mind it
It gave me time to finish up the books that I've got recently. But if Daryl wants to go out for the night , I'm down.

I guess we were going with a group of friends, well Daryl friends , the only person I know is he's brother. Merle he was a asshole at times but other then that he's fine by me.

"Aye hey hey! , baby bro!" Merle shouted at the other end of the bar , causing the other people on the side of him to shout and cheer, like he was some type of celebrity.

"Oh great" I said to myself , I was the only girl all I seen was guys..oh wait there's one! She was sitting on one of the men's lap , licking the tip of her beer bottle while she was eying me down.

Daryl grabbed my hand ...his hand is always sweaty, but we walked over to the group.

Smiles , and blank stares being shot at me.
" ay' Merle" Daryl went in for a manly hug. Merle laughing and repeatedly patted his back for a minute , before he released him looking over at me.

"And hay now sexy" Merle said dragging his words out as he reached his arms out for a hug.

I gave him a cheeky smile as I went in for the hug. Still smiling ,
(cause I'm such a dork) we rocked side to side he buried his nose in my neck as he loudly sniffed me.

"Ya smell gud ay' babay" he groaned. I let go of my hold signaling him to let me go.

"Merle" I groaned but he continued sniffing me , and rocking

"Alright that's enough Merle" Daryl grunted pulling his drunk brother off me, causing him to stumble a bit.

"Calm down baby bro" Daryl snickered and the people around him had a laugh , the trashy looking blonde still had her eyes on me , I gulped looking behind myself.

"Ay'come hang wit' me ," I turned to the soft voice.

I smiled at her , turning to Daryl, he nodded placing his hand on my lower back , pushing me to go.

I walked off with the blonde girl heading towards a table , as she sat , and I sat on the opposite side.

"Hi" I said shyly she just stared at me , placing her hand under her chin.

"What's your name?

"Uh..Y/n" I said shrugging my shoulders.

"Your pretty cute"she removed her hand looking down at my full body.

"Nice ass body" she smirked.


"Uhm...thanks?" I said my voice shaking.

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