Bitter Sweet Love. Chapter 1.

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Welcome to Bitter Sweet Love (Formerly: Im in Love with my Brothers Best Friend), enjoy!

Chapter 1

''Kira'', My brother shouted down the stairs. Oh great.

''What?'', screamed back up at him.

''Wheres my phone'', He said followed by a loud noise.

Oh shit. I took his phone. Well I was meant to put it back, I accidentally must have fallen asleep. I wanted to read all his messages from his friend Johnny because hes hot and I'm in love with him. But there is a problem he barley even knows me.

''Eh.'', I shouted. ''I borrowed it. Here I'm bringing it up to you now'', I shouted running to my bedside stand and grabbing it.

Milo my brother was at the bottom of his ladder/stairs. He lived in the attic. He said he wanted privacy. Milo gave me the dirty'est look ever. ''Sorry'', I said. His 6ft'' frame towering over me. Milo had just turned 17 and I had just turned 16 two weeks before his 17th. He had a house party for his birthday and that is when I realized I loved Johnny.

*Flash Back to the Party*

Mom and Dad had left for the weekend leaving Milo in charge. They knew he was having a party but had only assumed it would be a small gathering of friends. Little did they know. The house was so cramped with people you could barley move. Milo had ''wisely'' invested all his birthday cash in alcohol for the party.  People were handing me drink from all directions. I didn't want to drink, wanting to have some awareness of what was going to in my house, but I eventually gave in.

1 Vodka, 1 Tequila, 2 Beer's I was undeniably drunk. 

People were blurry figures and I sung along to all the songs. I danced with everybody and I made out with anyone willing to make out with me. Milo was too drunk to take care of me and patted me on the back and said ''I'm so pwound og lu sissie''. I assumed he had said ''I'm so Proud of you sister''. He then staggered away. All the alcohol had not gone well with my stomach and I had begun to feel very sick.  I then , of course, got sick. Everywhere! People around me jumped out of the way to avoid the splash.  One person helped me, Johnny. ''Are you OK Kira?'', He asked holding the hair back out of my face and directing me to the bathroom.

I smiled and attempted to say ''I'm grand''. But when I opened my mouth all that came out was more sick.  I bent down to get sick again in the toilet, and miraculously he stayed with me. He rubbed my back as I continually got sick. I was so weak when I was finished and I could barley walk.

''I'm OK here'', I murmured as I began to sober up.

''No your not come on'', Johnny said lifting his arms.

Johnny carried me the whole way up to my room. Pushing through everyone and shooing people who were making out, out of my room. He lay me down gently. He rubbed the hair out of my face, he smiled and got up and left.

*Flash Back Over*

''You really need a life'', Milo laughed jumping down of his stairs.

''I have a life'', I whispered walking away.

Milo walked away laughing. I really need to make friends with him if I had any hope of getting to Johnny.

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