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"Babe?" I looked at Liam.

"Yes?" He looked at the road.

"What happened?" I laid beside him in bed.

"I got a call saying there was an emergency at the office so I went. When I came out, paparazzi were everywhere. Someone tried to take him from my arms and he got scared. I carried him to the car and he sat there not moving. I tried everything. I saw Alice in the window and motioned her down." A tear rolled down his cheek. I wiped it away, him taking a deep breath. "She ran out and checked on him. A paramedic showed up and took us to the hospital." He pulled in the parking lot of his building. "I'm so sorry."

"It's not your fault babe." I kissed him. I heard yelling and saw flashing outside of the car. I pulled away, looking at the paparazzi. I quickly covered my face, checking on my sleeping children.

"I'll meet you at home." He started to get out.

"You sure?" He nodded, getting out. I got out, pushing through the crowd and getting in the driver's seat.

"Mommy?" I looked at Connor in the mirror, pulling out of the parking lot. "I hungry."

"When we get home I'll make something okay?" He nodded, looking at his toy.

I took the kids inside, waiting for Liam. I walked to the kitchen, grabbing pots and ingredients. My phone buzzed, Liam's picture flashing across the screen. I answered. "Li?"

"I'm fine babe. I went to my mom's house." He chuckled. "Are you home?"

"Yeah. I was about to cook."

"Okay. I'll be there right about," I heard a dial tone and felt hands on my hips. "Now." I gasped, smiling. I shoved my phone in my pocket. He chuckled, kissing my neck.

"Li." I tangled my hand in his hair. He picked me up, sitting me on the counter. "Wait." He stopped, looking at me. "It's too quiet." I got down, walking in the living room. The kids were eating pizza and watching cartoons.

I was pulled upstairs. I locked the bedroom door, Liam's lips brushed my cheek. "Daddy!" He sighed, walking downstairs. He came back with a pizza box.

"They saved us some." He chuckled. "There's three more boxes." He put it down, picking me up. I was thrown on the bed. He pulled my boots off, followed by my jeans. His phone buzzed under me. I grabbed it, answering.

"Hello?" Liam pushed my panties aside, plunging his tongue in me.

"Hi dear. I'm on my way to come get my grand babies." My hand tangled in his hair, his tongue licking up my folds. I slight whimper escaped my lips. "Jordan sweetheart can you put me on speaker?" I complied. A soft moan escaped my lips. "Liam she's already pregnant. Wrap up." She hung up.

Liam pulled me up. He slid three fingers in me, pumping them. He picked up speed with his fingers, me burying my face in his neck to muffle the moans.

Liam kissed me hungrily, his tongue licking into my mouth. I moaned loudly, releasing. He cleaned me up, me sucking on his fingers. I smirked, fixing my panties and putting my jeans back on. "I love you."

"I love you too." I walked downstairs, picking up Connor. "My baby." I heard a car and opened the door.

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