Chapter 21 {Panic}

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3rd Person POV
All the teenagers walk outsider and see a storm is coming "So who will I be fighting?" Asks Max "How about.... Ross!" Says Red pointing at Ross. Ross jumps a little and Max says "R-Ross?" "Yup Ross." Says Red.
Max walks up to Ross and whispers to him "Are you sure you want to do this?" "Y-yeah, I don't want to back down." Answers Ross "Okay then..." Max says stepping back and summoning his spear. Ross summons his staff from the ground and gets in a battle stance.
"Begin!" Shouts Red. Max charges Ross swinging his spear at him. Ross blocks with his staff. Max jumps back and starts to build up electricity. Ross sees the electricity start to build around the staff and freezes, staring wide eyed at it.
"You ready?" Asks Max. Ross nods his head. "Alright then!" Shouts Max pointing his spear up to the sky. Lightning strikes it causing thunder to roar through and shake the ground. Ross starts to panic a little an watches Max strike lightning about 20 feet from Ross.
Ross drops his staff and falls to the ground curling up into a ball and rocking back and forth.
"Ross!" Shouts Max running up to Ross and kneeling next to him. Every walks up to Ross, who is heavily breathing.

Ross's POV
I see Max command the lightning to strike and hear the thunder to roar. I instantly start to tremble and fall down. I curl up in a ball scared for my life. My vision is going blurry as I desperately try to breathe. It feels like I'm drowning in a pool of water. I look around and see everyone staring at me. Why are they so close? Why do they keep staring at me?!? My vision starts to get really hazy and fading into blackness.
Suddenly I hear a familiar voice. It's very muffled. "Ross!" It says. I look up and see someone in front of me "Ple... wer... bac.......hear me!" Shouts the voice. I rub my eyes to see Max kneeling next to me.
I immediately jump up and hug him starting to regain my vision. "Hey it's okay buddy I'm here." Says Max patting me on the back. I stay silent and continue to let tears silently roll down my face.

Max's POV
I run up to Ross and shout "Ross!" He looks up at me still stricken with pure terror "Please answer back if you can hear me!" I say to Ross. He rubs his eyes and looks at me again and immediately jumps up to hug me "Hey it's okay buddy I'm here." I say paying Ross on the back. I start to feel him quit shaking as hard but he's still crying.
After about 10 minutes of me comforting Ross he lets go of me "S-sorry about that..." Mumbles Ross "No man it's fine, besides you are like my little bro after all." I say smiling at him the storm we saw when we first walked out here kicks in as lightning and thunder crackle through the sky. "AHH!" Shouts Ross hiding behind me "Come on let's go inside." Says Aphmau. Ross immediately sprints to the house and I quickly follow.
We walk inside right before the rain pours down. "So you're scared of lightning Ross?" Asks Jin "Y-yeah.." Says Ross flinching at the noise of distant thunder "Come on it's okay." I say trying to do the most soothing voice I can "No it's not!" Says Ross tucking up his knees to his face and hiding under the table.
I let out a sigh "Would it make you feel better if I crawled under the table with you?" I ask. Ross stays silent before quietly answering "Yes..." I crawl under with him and pat his back.
Sky's face lights up and he starts singing 'Hallelujah' and Jin sings along at some points.

(Cue the music)

"Well I've heard there was a secret chord, That David played and it pleased the Lord, But you don't really care for music, do you?, Well it goes like this: The fourth, the fifth, the minor fall and the major lift, The baffled king composing Hallelujah
Hallelujah..." They sing it beautifully. This calms Ross down and gets him to quite shaking altogether.
"You ready to get out from underneath the table Ross?" Asks Aphmau "Yeah." Answers Ross crawling out. I crawl out from under the table also. "How you feeling man?" Asks Jin "Better." Says Ross "You should probably sleep for tonight." I say "Ye.." Says Ross quietly "All of us should probably sleep." Yawns Cory "Yeah it's been a long day." Says Shelby standing up and stretching.
Ross and I walk upstairs "May I sleep with you again?" Asks Ross "Yeah, just don't wake me up in the middle of my sleep." I say "Will you be Mad Max then?" Asks Ross "3..." I say "Oh come on Max just chill." Says Ross "2..." I continue "Uhh Max?" Asks Ross "1..." I reply "Max?" Asks Ross.
"OH GOD MAX NO!" Shouts Ross running away as I chase him into my room. I tackle him down and start fighting him "No Max!" Says Ross blocking my hits.
"Say it again and I won't hold back next time." I say "Okay okay!" Says Ross "Alright let's sleep then." I yawn out flopping down on my bed. Ross does the same and we soon fall asleep.
I wake up to see Ross laying face down and his arm across my chest. I sigh and wait for him to wake up. Aphmau slowly creeks open the door and looks in "Was Ross really that scared?" Asks Aphmau "Yup." I say looking at him.
"How long have you known him?" Asks Aphamu "I've known Ross and Shelby since we were all about 6 or so." I say "That explains why the bond you two have." Says Aphmau. Ross finally stirs awake and rubs his eyes "Mornin Max..." He mumbles "Mornin Ross." I respond back.

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