Chapter 1 : The Fall

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Edited July 9, 2017

Your Pov

Walking up my parents driveway; I dread every moment of this, a family dinner... Great. My siblings are the stars in my parents eyes; while I'm the failure child for not wanting to be some big time doctor or lawyer. Smoothing out my (F/c) dress I knock on the door, I try not to scuff my ankle boots on the ground out of nervousness.

"(y/n)! Hello, come in everyone's already here. Let's not keep them waiting." My mother hurriedly drags me inside to the dining room. Everyone is seated and awaiting their dinner. "Look who decided to finally show up. I have no idea why you even show up every week when you're always so late." my sister (S/n) spoke with an annoyed tone.

I've always been pushed around by my siblings and for some reason I decided enough was enough. "It's better late than never. Also (S/n), how's the baby doing? Still no father?" The words spilled out my mouth, that was really out of character for me, but damn that felt good.

Everyone's mouths were agape, just like me they were astonished that I spoke with confidence and dominance. My brother stood up out of his chair about to head towards me but my sister beat him to it.

< SMACK! >

The sound rang out in the quiet dining hall, (s/n) smacked me out of anger because of how bad I burned her with that comeback. My body was set a (f/c) flame, but I wasn't burning alive for some reason. Without thinking I smack my sister to the floor. Everyone looked at me as if I was a monster, was I? " Get out of here you monster! You don't belong here! We should have never adopted you.." (B/n) yelled as I stood frozen. I was adopted? Why had no one told me? Tears fell from my eyes as I turned to my parents who looked anywhere but at me. "Look at me! Were you always ashamed of me?" I say almost sobbing; they didn't respond to me.

All I want to do is disappear; I closed my eyes hoping I'd magically appear in my car. When I opened my eyes I was sitting in the drivers seat of my car.

Timeskip >>>>>

When I arrived back to my apartment I thought of different ways to disappear; I want to go somewhere no one can find me. Suddenly it hit me. Mt Ebott was known for making people disappear; even though I thought that was complete and utter bullshit I decided to pack and go there anyway.

I packed my bag full to the brim of my art supplies, clothing, food, and basically pretty much the essentials. There's no telling what my powers can and will do, but I still decide to test it out a bit. Thinking about the bottom of Mt. Ebott I close my eyes and when I re-opened them I was there standing on a dirt road.

Beginning my climb I make my way up a path; Why would kids want to climb up this mountain in the first place? Turning around I look at the view of the city that I hope to never see again. This is the city where I was born and raised; this was the city where no one ever loved me. Turning back I continue back up the Mountain, a cave was little ways up the path.

Curiosity plagued me causing me to head in and look around. Nothing was inside except for a ginormous hole that seemed to go on forever. Fuck that, If I was going out it wouldn't be like that. Turning around I begin to leave, but something grabbed onto my ankle and dragged me down into the dark abyss.

What had I ever done to anyone to deserve this? Falling into a hole that leads possibly nowhere, and my body was forever going to lie there. Black is all I see, possibly because my eyes are closed, when I open them I'm on a bed of golden...Flowers? My (f/c) dress was torn and I definitely injured my foot because 1. I'm wearing ankle boots and 2. I landed wrong. A door was not too far away so I decided I would wander. Walking was quite the challenge but I persevered, when I walk inside a single golden flower lay in a patch of grass alone... It had a face? 

A/n : Here is the first official chapter, I have never written a X Reader so I hope I'm doing well. That's all I wanted to say, I love you all <3 <3 <3 BYEEE!!!

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