I've had a really nice sleep and I'm feeling much better now than I was yesterday. I went to the dining area and found Aling Betty preparing breakfast.

"Magandang umaga, Carang!" She greeted me with a smile. She's been our nanny ever since I was a child.

"Good morning Aling Betty! Where's kuya Kairon?"

"Here." Kairon said while entering the room.

 We had a nice chat during breakfast. I kinda missed my big brother although wala pang isang buwan akong nahiwalay sa kanya.

Kairon drove me to our school. Since it was a 4 hour ride, I was absent for our 2 subjects. But never mind, I got excused for it anyway.

When I got out of Kairon's car, I instantly spotted Kent and Kenneth heading my way. I bid goodbye to Kairon and he drove away.

"Who's that?" Kent immediately asked upon reaching me.

"None of your business." I started to walk away but Kent grabbed me by the hand and pulled me to him.

"Everything about you is my business, darling." He smirked.

God, I wanted that smirk off his face.

"Sinasaktan mo na yung baby ko." Kenneth said. "Hi babe." Tapos inakbayan niya ako.

"Wag niyo sirain mood ko." I said in a cold manner.

"Whoa there. Kalma lang, Cara. It's not like we're gonna do something bad to you yet." Kent teased.

"Shut up, Kent." I said. He was a little shocked.

"Mainit ata ang ulo ng baby ko ngayon. What's the matter?" Kenneth said, again trying to put his arms around me.

"Kayo." I said. "Kayo ang problema ko." The both of them were a little shocked. They knew that instant that I was not joking around anymore.

"Dahil sa inyong dalawa, I've been living a hell of a life here in the university. Everyone's been bad mouthing me because of the both of you. Dahil sa panti-trip niyo sa akin, bumababa ang pagkatao ko. You two should just leave me alone. Fuck off! Cause I'm no longer gonna tolerate this bullshit of yours on me. Hindi na nakakatuwa."

The two of them just look at me in shock.

Good. I think I got them good this time... or so I thought.

The next thing they did was laugh at me.

"Hahahahahahahahahaha! Seriosly?" Said Kent. "Yun lang yun, Cara?"

Even Kenneth was laughing his ass off. And this was the first time I've seen him laugh like that.

"Akala ko naman kung ano!" Said Kenneth.

"WHAT THE HELL IS SO FUNNY?!" I screamed on top of my lungs.

"Walang nakakatawa!" Kent said, still laughing. "It's just that you're too cute to manage."

"Yeah. And the way you ranted about those stuff? Priceless." added Kenneth.

I just became the clown of the 2 devils once again. Could this day get any worse?

"Fuck you," I pointed at Kenneth "and you." then to Kent.

"Whoa there princess." Kent said. "Look." He said in a much serious tone. Kenneth also stopped laughing this time.

"What I told you, including my desire and stuff. I really mean all of that." Kent said. "Hindi ako nagbibiro. Hindi ako nagloloko. Seryoso ako sa sinasabi ko sa'yo. Kahit sabihin mo pang napaka-gago ko at napaka-loko ko, hindi pa rin kita titigilan. It's you that I want and there's nothing-- no one-- even Kenneth-- that can stop me from having you." His eyes were like eating my sould. Every word he said was piercing into my body. I could feel his desire.

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