Chapter 7 (The Meeting)

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Sophia's p.o.v.

Beep beep beep! I heard my annoying alarm going off. 

I groaned and slammed my hand down on the alarm clock,  I'm pretty sure I almost broke it but I really don't give a damn. It was too early for me to get out of bed so I decided to go through instagram, while scrolling through  I saw a picture which explains how I feel about waking up to go to school or maybe just waking up in general.

Pic Below

I decided it was time for me to start getting ready so I got out off bed to go and find an outfit for the day

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I decided it was time for me to start getting ready so I got out off bed to go and find an outfit for the day. I ended up picking out some light blue ripped jeans and a white see through crop top with a tank top to wear underneath. (Pic to the side or above ignore the cardigan). 

I laid the clothes on the bed and then went to the bathroom to start getting ready. I brushed my teeth then took off my clothes and went into the shower and started to lather my vanilla body wash on after I rinsed off and wrapped myself in my big purple towel. I went into my room and put my underwear on and the clothes I picked out. After that I went over to my vanity table to do my makeup which consisted of mascara,eyeliner,concealer and some lip gloss.

"Shit" I cursed out loud because I looked at the time and if I don't leave now I'm going to be late. I went downstairs to get my bag and car keys. I ran out the door and rushed over to my baby and drove out the gates on my way to starbucks. I don't care if I am late I need my iced latte. I reached starbucks within 5 minutes, so I went through the drive through to order and then sped off for school.


10 minutes later 

I arrived at school during second session. I parked my baby and went into the hellhole when I arrived at Room B26 which was English I opened the door and all eyes were on me.

"Miss Phillips you are 30 minutes late can you explain why" said the old snobby teacher. I saw Amber and her lap dogs snickering .

"Well you see I was trying to avoid coming to school to catch Amber's  slut disease syndrome, but I knew I couldn't miss school because she is going to be working in the cafeteria in a hairnet." I said the class burst out in fits of laughter while Ms. grumpy over her looked like she seen a ghost.

"Detention after school for being late and disrupting my class" she said while handing me a pink slip.

"Whatever" I mumbled while smirking because ain't no way I'm not going  after school.

I was walking to the seat at the back off the class when Amber stuck her foot out trying to trip but it didn't go as planned because I stepped on her foot and went to my seat, she turned in her seat and glared at me and I just gave her my middle finger, she gasped and turned back to the board. that's right bitch, just wait and see what I have in store for you.

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