I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chapter 6

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By: Imogen 


Loneliness is welcoming 

It surges round you 

Comforts you 

Then it drowns you

Loneliness is sorrow  

it's pain 


Hatred and love

Loneliness pulls you 

Into a secure place of unknown 

It defines your strengths  

It defines your weaknesses

Loneliness is there for you 


Loneliness is waiting 

its false comforts 

Ready to kill you

Loneliness hurts 


I'm allergic to vampires!

Chapter 6

Rayas POV 

Damn her. Why is she being so protective? She seems mad at me. What'd I do? I saved her life and this is the thanks I get. Wonderful. I casted my senses out into her bedroom, she was sleeping peacefully now. I cracked open the door. Her long blonde hair sparkled in the moonlight that shone through the window. I looked at her face, pale and beautiful with those full kissable lips. Did I just say kissable? Am I falling for...her? Nah it's lust definitely. Hmmm maybe just a quick kiss won't hurt. I crept into her room and carefully sat down on the bed, pulling my shirt off. Hell I might as well get as much pleasure out of her before she wakes up.

I gently kissed her lips. Mmmmm chocolate. I brushed my lips over hers once more. I heard her moan softly. Then she murmured a name. God I hope it was me. I wrapped my arms around her waist pressing her up against me. It felt so good, so right. She moaned louder this time and to my horror she moaned, not my name but Jace's. WTF! 

WHY HIM? I growled and she stirred trying to push away. I wasn't going to let that happen. In order for the prophecy to happen it needed to be me the last son remaining to the rebel clan. I had to have her by my side. I didn't care about who she preferred. I rolled on top of her, starting to strip her clothes off. She immediately awakened. She set her eyes on me and slid out from under me after punching me where the sun don't shine. I fell down, curled up. That bitch is gonna pay for that.

Regular POV 

Rayas was curled on the bed cursing under his breath. I grabbed him by the arm flipping his body into the wall. Even being half-vampire he shook it off. He groaned, his head facing towards the floor. "You'll pay for that." He said lifting his head to show me a smirk. 

"Jace was right." I said. 

"Hell yeah." 

"That's all I needed to hear." I grinned before I beat the shit out of him. I punched him in the gut and hit the pressure point in his neck. His jaw slightly uneven from a childhood injury no doubt and punched him there too. He fell to the floor, his nose bleeding, his arms wrapped around himself. I started to walk to the door, I was going to get my parents, they would surely find a jail suited for him. But I heard something from him that made me jump. 

"......Why him?" He croaked, coughing up a wad of blood. "What's so special about him? They'll kill me, they'll get me wherever I am if I don't have you." 

"He wasn't a liar. Maybe you deserve to die. Jace didn't kill your mother, you did." I hissed sure I had said the truth. With that I walked up to him, kicking him in the gut once more, before picking up the phone hidden in the wall compartment. 

"Mom?......Yeah the guy just tried to rape me.....Glad you thought so too.....I need Riley to come with me to search for someone......Thanks bye." I hung up. Riley burst into the room. He was tall, muscular and in his mid twenties. Best of all he was totally hot. His blond hair and blue eyes just like me, you could say he was my older brother. For a vampire hunter he was incredibly skilled for someone so young. He was my teacher, my master and my only true friend.  

"Whoa...." He said looking at the mess I had made beating Rayas up. I smirked at my victory.  

"You understand that I did complete your training right?" I asked. 

"Yeah, impressive, he didn't...uh....get too far did he?" He asked uncertain. 

"No I woke up before he did anything drastic." I looked down at myself. OH MY GOD!!! I was only in a bra and panties in front of Riley. I blushed furiously and scrambled around the room for my clothes, immediately pulling them on. He laughed.  

"Come on really? I've seen you naked before, don't deny that."  

"WHAT?" My eyes the size of truck tires, I'm sure. 

"When you were little, when I was first assigned to you, I had to watch you even in the bathroom." I hung my head in defeat.  

"Look sorry to get you in a depression but you should probably get some undisrupted sleep ok?" 

"Yeah." I followed him down the hallway to my other bedroom which had been safety proofed whenever there had been an emergency like a vampire breaking into the house.  

"I'll take care of Rayas, your room will be cleaned by the time your awake tomorrow." He turned to leave the room. 

"Riley?" I asked. 


"Can you stay with me until I fall asleep?" I didn't want to be alone, not again. Usually I was a loner but now things seemed different.  

"I can do that." He said, striding over and sitting on the bed. I put my head into his chest and I was out like a light.


So what of Rayas? 

What happens now? 

What prophecy? 

Is Jace really dead? 

Will Skyler find love? Or fall into another lie? 

Hope u enjoyed!!! Find out in the next chap!!!

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