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The Pack:
Ghost- a pure white Dire wolf with a half white half black face. Her eyes are multicoloured, red eye on the black side, and yellow eye on the white.  A black spot lay underneath her yellow eye, and a white underneath her red.

Fang- a dark brown and grey Dire wolf with unforgiving icy blue eyes. Once a lowly omega in a past pack, but pushed herself to alpha position.

Bite- a light grey Dire wolf with strikingly beautiful green eyes, rimmed with the lightest shade of blue you could imagine. Don't let her sweet exterior fool you, a bite lay permanently on her chest, signifying her tough being and her thirst for battle, a wise choice for Beta position.

Moon- a white and grey Dire wolf with a splash of black on her face. Her eyes are a navy blue, but shocked with an icy blue ring around her pupil. She has a skill in healing and speaking to their spirits, which gives her the healing rank.
Snarl- a dark brown and black Dire wolf with an ugly scar over his muzzle. His growl is worse than his bite, but he can still scare a wolf away with a nasty bite. His fierceness gives him the fighter rank.
Snap- a light brown Dire wolf with sharp edgy teeth and a strong build. Her eyes are a dark Amber, but she isn't as fiesty as her brother, Snarl, giving her the hunter rank.
Grizzly- a black Dire wolf with brown splotches and stormy grey eyes. He is calm, but can kill in bad situations. The wolves in the pack recommend to veer away from his swatting paws at all times, suitable for a fighter.
Fox- a ginger brown Dire wolf with cunning green eyes. She is swift like the wind, and her hunting plans almost never fail, making her a reliable hunter.
Daisy- a cream coloured Dire wolf with soft blue eyes and feathery soft fur. Due to her being not particularly strong or useful, she has been refined to a permanent mother, nursing the pups of the stronger Dire wolves.
Storm- a dark grey pup with dark blue eyes which stayed permanently expressionless.
Twig- a strong black and brown pup with bright Amber eyes. He is the stronger one out of the batch of puppies.
Sweet- a light grey pup with kind blue eyes, the weakest of the litter. She takes after her foster mother, Daisy, in being quiet but kind.
Goose- an insane, starved light grey and darker grey speckled Dire wolf with crazed blue eyes, his issues making him a lowly omega.


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