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*riley's pov*
i was lying on a street bench, my face was all bloody and i was crying for the life of me. a car pulled up next to me -

"are you okay miss?" said a bi-racial women.

"ah to be completely honest im not."

"do you need a ride somewhere, or anything at all?"

"ah sure" i said as i was approaching her car.

"where do you live?"

2 years ago -
"liam! can you please tell me where you're taking me?"

"no, not until you tell mom and dad that i am not responsible for callie getting taken out of our home."

"im not going to lie for you again, liam."

"then i'll guess you'll never know where you're going."

he stopped the car.

"get out" he snapped.


"get out!" he said.

i did what he said.
he drove away.

*flashback over*

"you know what, i really do appreciate the offer, but i, i, um have to -" i said nearly bawling my eyes out.

"do you have a place to go?"

"no -"
i can't get the picture out of my head of when liam dropped my off at this exact street bench 2 years ago.

"you're coming with me for tonight, you're too young to be on these streets on your own. we will figure things out in the morning, my wife is a cop, and we'll settle things tomorrow. are you a runaway?"

i didn't say anything back. i was thinking to myself why the hell did i run again. liam, that's why. im scared of my own brother and family.

we drove for about another 10 minutes - still silence.

we pulled up to a home and the women said -

"well here it is, my name is lena and my wife is stef -

we were walking into the house.

i saw five teenagers scattered around the home.

- that's marianna, jesus, brandon, jude -

she said as she pointed to each one.

- im not quite sure where she is right now, but there's also -"

"callie" i said under my breath and cut lena off.

i saw her coming down the stairs.

"you know eachother already?" lena said.

i stood there in silence, callie ran back upstairs.

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