Chapter 20 {Divine}

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Cory's POV
I wake up and aside from feeling light headed I feel pretty normal. "Good morning everyone!" I say throwing my arms in the air "It's the middle of the afternoon Cory." Says Shelby "Oh is it, I must of lost track of time staring in you eyes." I reply smirking at Shelby "Okay somethings is definitely wrong with Cory." Says Jin looking through the book "Yeah he's acting off." Says Red "I am perfect!" I say "I think he needs medical help." Says Max.
"Even if Death's poison ability is cured affects such as drowsiness and strange behavior will still occur afterwards. After about a day these effects should wear off." Reads Jin "Pfft there's nothing wrong with me!" I say falling into a shadow. I reappearing under the table "OOW!" I shout after accidentally hitting my head on the table "I am pretty sure you're crazy." Says Max "Well the best people are!" I say shrugging.
"What do we do with him while this effect is still happening?" Asks Sky "First let's get his necklace off him so he can't use his powers." Responds Aphmau reaching for my chest "Hey Shelby's hands only!" I say hiding behind Shelby "W-what!" Exclaims Shelby blushing a bright crimson.
"Shelby you have to take his necklace off." Says Sky "NOOOOOOO, I like my necklace!" I say holding it close to me "Come on Cory, at this rate you'll only hurt yourself." Says Shelby.
I stare Shelby in the eyes before quickly kissing her cheek. I smile and wave, falling through a shadow, going out to the forest, and running off "GET BACK HERE CORY!" I hear Max scream from the house. I laugh and run deeper in the forest.
I start laughing uncontrollably until I look up and see Mitch "Oh hello there!" I say in a chirpy voice "Tch... you're still alive?" Says Mitch "I look down at myself before replying "Yup!"  "The poison must still be affecting you." Says Mitch examining me from top to bottom "What! Noooooo I'm perfectly fine man." I say "Can I see your necklace?" Asks Mitch "Pffft no way it's mine!" I say clutching it.
Mitch closes his eyes and his eyebrow involuntary twitches. He sighs and says "Fine then we'll do this the hard way." Summoning a black sword "I don't like that sword." I say summoning my scythe "And I don't care!" Says Mitch charging at me.
I step to the side and easily dodge his attack "Missed me!" I taunt getting Mitch to growl under his breath. Our blades collide and I knock his sword to the ground and watch it dissipate. He travels through a shadow and pops up behind me with another sword.
I throw my scythe at Mitch and he quickly dodges letting it slam and stick into a tree. "Ah bummer." I say summoning another scythe and walking over to grab the other one stuck in the tree "What!?!" Exclaims Mitch "What?" I ask "Tch just nothing!" Says Mitch "Okay..." I say traveling through a shadow. Mitch looks behind him and expecting to see me. I leap down from the trees and hit him in the back of the head with the back of my scythe knocking him out.
He falls down and his sword disappears in black wisps. "Whoops didn't mean to hit you that hard." I say nudging his head with my foot "Oh well that was fun!" I exclaim tossing away my scythes and watching them disappear in thin air before shadow traveling back to the house.
"Where were you Cory?" Asks Shelby "In the woods!" I say resting my chin on top of Shelby's head "What were you doing?" Asks Red "Oh I met Mitch and knocked him out." I casually say "What! Where's Mitch now?" Asks Aphmau "I don't know." I reply shrugging still resting my chin on top of the now blushing Shelby "Well we still need your necklace." Says Jin "Hmph no!" I say "Fine then I'm doing this!" Shouts Max.
I feel an impact on the back of my neck before falling over and passing out.

Jin's POV
"MAX!" Shouts Ross "What?" Asks Max "You can't just knock him out!" Says Ross "Well he wasn't listening to us and clearly was invading Shelby's personal space!" Max counters "That still doesn't mean you can hit him!" Responds Ross. Max stays silent before replying "I guess you're right but it's to late now.". Ross simply sighs before saying "You're helping me carry him in the "Fine." Pouts Max picking up Cory with Ross. They set him on the couch again and I continue to read through the book
"Anything useful Jin?" Asks Sky "I'm rereading the chapters we've already read but something I have noticed is this is more of a journal and there are a ton of notes stuck throughout the book." I answer "Oh cool!" Says Sky looking over my shoulder to look at the book "Man I wish we had that book whenever we first got our powers." Says Red "So you had to figure everything out yourself?" Asks Aphmau "Yeah." Answers Red. I continue looking through the book before noticing a chapter that wasn't here before "Hey Red how many chapters does this book have?" I ask "Well When I first saw it I thought there was only 2 and the rest of the pages were blank." Says Red "But I found chapter 3 and the rest of the pages after that were blank." Replies Ross "Well now there's a chapter 4." Says Sky reaching over my shoulder and pointing at the book "What!" Says Shelby "Is the book writing itself?" Asks Max "Maybe it only shows us information it wants us to?" Says Ross "I don't know but let's read it!" Says Sky "Chapter 4:Divine Mode." I read "Ohh sounds fancy!" Says Aphmau "Divine Mode is an ability all holders have gaining the ability to easily control and manipulate their element at will." I continue "This sounds nice!" Says Ross.
"The Air holder will have wind wrap around them creating a small yet powerful tornado that will allow them to fly and blow enemies away with the flick of the wrist." I say "Awesome!" Says Sky "The Water holder will be able to conjure water without having a source nearby and be able to control the enemies blood inside them with ease." I say.
"That sounds powerful." Comments Max "The Earth holder will be able to turn dirt into stone with a snap of a finger and easily bend metal." I read "That might be useful." Says Ross.
"The Fire holder will be surrounded by flames that only hurt the people they see as enemies. They also gain an incredible increased in speed when in this mode." I read "Oh so I've already gone into Divine Mode once!" Says Aphmau "Well then you're ahead of the game." Says Red.
"The Life holders Divine Mode will have angel wings giving them the ability to fly. With this power they will also be able to bring a fallen comrade back to life." I say "Woah?!?" Says Shelby.
"The Death holder will grow devil horns on the side of their head and their eyes will turn red. Anything their blade cuts will die almost instantly..." I read "Why is the Death so deadly?" Asks Sky "Because it is death!" Says Max "Okay well there's note here and it says it is very rare to get in the Divine Mode and even rarer for the Life and Death holders to." I say "Well how do you get in it then?" Asks Ross "It doesn't say anything about being able to activate it." I answer.
I look up to see Cory waking up "Ugh.. what happened?" Asks Cory "Dude you went all looney on us." Says Sky "Yeah not to mention flirted with Shelby and invaded her personal space." Says Max "W-What!?!" Shouts Cory "The most you did was kiss me and rest your chin on my head." Says Shelby blushing "W-wait I kissed you again?" Asks Cory "Well twice but yes." Says Ross "Yeah that poison really was messing with you." I say "I'm surprised the effects wore off this quickly." Says Red "Yeah the book said it should last at least a day." Says Aphmau.
"B-but I kissed S-Shelby again?" Asks Cory "Yup..." Says Max through gritted teeth. Cory gets up and starts walking out the door again before Max grabs his forearm "Yeah I'm not letting you outside again." Says Max "Why not?" Asks Cory "Well you said you ran into Mitch earlier." Answers Jin "How many things did I do?!?" Asks Cory "That's actually all you did really." Says Red.
"Can we train again I want to see Max's power in action!" Says Sky jumping up "Sure why not." Answers Red shrugging and walking out the door "Man you guys get sidetracked a lot." I sigh following Red outside.

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