Satan's Pet ~Part 2~

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"Serena! Will you get up already! We're going to be late!" my brother, Cameron yelled and banged at my door.

My eyes flew open and I quickly sat up.

'What a dream,' I thought. My lips still felt weird from the kiss. I slowly got out of bed and stretched.

The banging continued, "I swear freak, I'm leaving without you! It's not like I want to give you a lift anyway. Bad enough we're related." Cameron continued.

I opened the door and glared at him, "Then leave!" I hissed at him as I pushed pass to go to the bathroom.

Me and my brother have never gotten along. Heck me, my mum and my dad never got along. My family hates my guts; they believe I am Satan's Pet. It's all because of my appearance. If you looked at me with my family, you would think I was adopted if it weren't for the video my dad made of my birth.

My mum is a tall gorgeous woman with natural blond hair, a slender body, and long legs. She looks like a model with a peachy color toned skin. Beautiful green eyes that are always sparkling. Whenever I'm not around.

My dad is also tall quite muscular, broad shoulders and a small three day beard where he hasn't saved just yet. He has short brown, curly hair and brown eyes. My dad is quite pale but that has never really bothered him or my mum.

My brother is a spitting image of my father, tall, same hair but my mum's color eyes. He is also slightly pale, but the girls at school think it makes him look even more hotter.

I on the other hand look nothing like my family. I'm quite short for a seventeen year old, five foot. I have a natural tan colored skin, long, straight black hair that comes to my waist and bright, dark blue eyes.

When I was first born my father had accused my mother of an affair, until they did a DNA test and proved I was his daughter. That is why they call me Satan's Pet, because I'm the odd one.

The only reason my parents ever kept me was because of my grandmother. She was the only member of my family that loved me and said I was a special gift from god; that was why I was different. But last year my grandmother passed away. the only reason my parents haven't kicked me out yet is because in my grandmother's will she will give them all her money, which just happened to be ten thousand pounds but only if I'm still living with them till my eighteenth. When I'm eighteen I will inherit three thousand pounds left by my grandmother, so that I can move out of this crappy home and start my own life.

I was so tired that morning, I felt like I was going through a déjà vu. Especially after my brothers next action.

"I swear, you are such a freak! God we're only keeping you for Nan's money, then you're out of here!" he spat in my face then punched me in the stomach.

I groaned as I fell to the floor. My brother has never before hit me, but I swear this had happened before. It was like in my dream or what I thought I had lived this day already.

"Déjà vu," I muttered under my breath as I stumbled into the bathroom.

Just before I got into the shower I heard the front door slam, there goes my ride. Thank god!

I loved walking to school, I loved the fresh air and the sound of birds chirping away.

I had decided to walk the long way to school, -through town- even though it would make me late. But I didn't care. I was just walking into town by a big black glassed building when I felt it. A 'Migraine' was about to start

Dammit, why now!

First it was the slight numb feeling in my stomach, then the 'butterflies' feeling started. Then the head ache started: a quiet, pounding like drums that I knew would only get louder and worse.

I staggered to the black glasses building a few feet away from me. The pounding was getting louder.

I looked at my reflection and saw my bright, dark blue eyes flickering to their bright, blood red again.

Wait a minute! This has happened before! I know it has! All though I was sure this was the first time I'd come this way in a couple of months. This moment right now felt familiar.

I sank down to the floor, clutching my head between my legs.

Then as if I knew he was there I looked up to see the same man, I had seen from somewhere before.

'Impossible,' I thought. Am I really having déjà vu, or did I somehow a type of premonition. I mean I could already tell who was about to die, maybe I was having premonitions as well. 'Great!' I thought sarcastically.

As if I knew I was supposed to, I followed my instincts which lead me out of town and towards the main road.

Somehow I knew what I would see before I got there: the same little boy who looked seven or eight, crossing the roads and about to get hit by a lorry.

I gasped when I got to the edge and saw what I had predicted.

"No!" I yelled as the lorry got closer to the boy.

I was about to run out into the road to save him, when a pair of muscular arms wrapped themselves around my waist and held me against the chest of the owner.

I stood there trapped as I watched the lorry driver brake, but not quickly enough as he hit the young boy. I closed my eyes as I heard other car horns and breaks all over the road.

'Damn you,' I thought towards the person who had held me back.

"Damn you!" I turned in his arms yelling at him and hitting his perfect sculpted chest. "I could have -" but I froze when I saw the bright and full of life eyes that I knew I had seen in my dream. The dream about The Devil, Lucifer and The Angel, Nathanael and the List of Life.

It was then that I realized.

It. Wasn't. A. Dream.

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