I Knew He Had Love Inside Him. How Do I Know? Well We All Know You Only Seek Revenge For Those You Love.

"And What Do You Have A Planned For Him?" I Asked Gemini.

I Know Gemini And I Know When He Got Something Planned... He Got Something Planned...

"Just Know Tamor Is Gonna Have To Hold Off For A Little Bit... At Lease Till Tay Wakes Up Cause I Want Him To Look Her In The Eyes Before We End His Life..." Gem Said.

"I Like That Plan..." JJ Said. "Just Make Sure Im There" JJ Added.


(Gemini Pov)

Day After Day I Wasnt Able To Wake Up Peacefully And See The Morning Sun... Simply Because I Was Woken Up By The Bouncing Of Genesis And King On My Bed... Even Though I Locked The Door They Manage To Unlock It.

"Wake Up... Wake Up... Wake Up" They Said In A Chant.

"What?... Oh My God What Yall Want?" I Asked Them As I Rolled On My Back To Look Up At Them.

"Its Time To Wake Up" Genesis Said As She Got Off The Bed.

"I'll Make Breakfast In A Little While" I Told Them As I Rolled On My Side To Go Back To Sleep.

I Was Tired And Still Am. These Kids Dont Sleep For Nothing. They Had Me Up All Night Watching Chuggington... Reruns Of It To.

Why Didnt I Leave? Well I Couldnt Cause Genesis Wouldnt Let Me.

"Kevvie Made Breakfast This Time..." King Said.

"What Time Is It?" I Said Lifting My Head To Look At My Clock.

"Time To Wake Up And Go Shopping" Genesis Said.

I Had To Sit Up For This. I Sat Up And Sat Against My Headboard As Genesis And King Sat Down On The Bed Criss Cross Apple Style.

"Shopping... Who Said We Were Going Shopping?" I Asked Them.

"You Did Silly... Dont You Remember?" Genesis Said.

"No I Dont" I Said. But Truth Is I Do Remember.

Heres What Happen.

Flashback... It Went Like This.

As I Sat With The Kids And Watched Chuggington Reruns, I Said To Them Both... "Whats Our Plans For Tomorrow Guys?"

"Shopping" Genesis Said.

"Yeah Shopping" King Added On.

"Shopping?" I Asked.

I Have No Problem Shopping For The Kids... My Kids... But I Haven't Done Any In A While.

"What Are We Going To Shop For?" I Asked Them.

Genesis And King Both Got Up Took Me By The Hands And Dragged Me To Their Room...

"Daddy We Have A List" Genesis Said As She Dug Through Her Book Bag.

"A List?" I Asked.

"Yeah" King Said As He Search Threw His Bag.

After A Few More Minutes They Both Approached Me With A Piece Of Paper Filled With Little Scribbles.

"What These?" I Asked Them As I Sat On The Bed To Become Eye Level With Them.

"Mommy Made Us Make A List Of Things We Wanted That She Never Got For Us" Genesis Said As She Handed Me Her List.

In My Head I Was Wondering Why Didnt She. Tays Good For It.

"Mommy Always Said She Left Some Presents For Daddy To Get" King Said As He Handed Me His List.

"Alright" I Said As I Looked Over His List.

"So Tomorrow?" King Asked.

"Yeah Tomorrow Is A Christmas.." I Told Them.

They Jumped Up And Down And Then Came Over And Hugged Me.

"Also Daddy Can We Decorate My Room?" Genesis Asked.

"Sure We Can Do All That Tomorrow" I Told Her.

"What About Me?" King Asked. "I Cant Be In A Girls Room" He Added.

"What You Have In Mind?" I Asked King.

I Knew What He Had In Mind I Just Wanted Him To Tell Me Hisself.

"My Own Room" He Said. "Please" He Added.

King Couldve Had His Own Room. But Because He's Young Him And Genesis Had To Share A Room Because I Needed Them Close... And The Room Next To Mines Isnt Ready. The Others Are Downstairs.

"Alright How About The Room Next To Daddys?" I Asked King.

"Really?" He Asked Me.

"Yeah I'll Have To Get It Ready First Okay" I Told Him.

"Yup" He Said.

"But Do This For Me..." I Said As I Folded The Papers And Slide Them Into My Pocket. "I Need You Guys To Make Another List" I Told Them.

I Think Its Time I Do Give Them Both A Room. I Mean I Am Their Father And They'll Be Here They Might As Well Be Comfortable. So I Was Going To Have Them Write Down What They Want In Their Rooms...

"Another List?" King Asked.

"Ooh Man" Genesis Said.

"Its A Simple List" I Told Them. "Write Down What Yall Want In Yall New Rooms... Write Down Your Favorite Colors, Characters... Whatever Yall Want I Got It" I Told Them.

"Yae" Genesis Said As She Got Up On The Bed And Jumped Up And Down.

"And Daddy..." Genesis Said.

"Wassup" I Asked Her As I Stood Up From The Bed.

"Maybe We Can Make Over Your Room To..." She Said.

"With What?" I Asked Her.

"Princesses And Butterflies And Bunnies And Unicorns" She Said With A Huge Smile On Her Face.

I Think She Was Serious.

"No Thats For Girls" King Said. "You Should Get Turtles And Monkeys And Dragons And Wolves" King Added.

And He Was Totally Serious To.

"Yeah... Yeah... Sure" I Said. "Now Yall Get Ready For Yall Bath And Then..." I Started To Say But King Interrupted Me.

"More Chuggington" King Yelled As He And Genesis Ran Out The Room.

End Of Flashback...

Off To The Mall...

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