Chapter 41

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Thank God Gemini Took It Well... There I Thought He Didnt Know...

"Most Important Question" Gemini Said As We Played Pool.

"What?" JJ Asked.

"What We Gone Do Bout That Damien?" Gem Asked As He Held His Stick Up. "Yall Know We Cant Let Him Slide Right?" He Said.

"Ofcourse We Cant" JJ Said. "But He About To Get His Already..." He Added.

"Why We Not Taking Care Of Him?" Gemini Asked. "After All Tay Was Our Business" He Said.

"Cause Check Got Him" I Told Him.

"What You Mean?" Gem Asked Me.

"Damien Been Working For Check..." I Started To Say.

"Check?" Gem Asked. "Who's This Check?" Gem Also Asked.

"Tymir's Twin Brother" JJ Said.

"Tamor?" Gem Asked.

"Yeah But Only A Few Know Who Check Is" I Said.

"And What Is Check?" Gem Asked.

"Like The Biggest King Pin Down Here... But Nobody Knows His True Identity Doe" I Told Gem.

So Tamor... AKA Check He Aint From Down Here He Just Runs Things Down Here...

"Mhmmm" Gem Said. "Im Listening" He Added.

"So Says His Brother, Tamor Came Down To See How Business Is Running And Started Rolling With Damien And His Crew And Turns Out Damien's Been Fucking With His Money" I Told Gemini.

"And You Know This... How?" Gem Asked Me.

"Well..." I Started.

"Lord Another Story..." JJ Said. "Ima Sit Down For This" He Added.

"Is There Anyway To Make This Story Your About To Tell Short?" Gem Asked Me.

"Yes There Is And Im About To Tell It... Only If Yall Would Let Me" I Told Them.

"Go On" Gem Said As He Took A Seat On The Pool Table.

Disrespectful. Only If We Werent Related.

"Alright" I Started. "I Was At The Court Right Yesterday With Tymor... Twin Of You Know Who.... Tamor AKA Check" I Said.

"Right" JJ Said.

"Just Shooting Some Hoops And He Know That I Know You Cause You Know We're Cousin And All And He Told Me That Damien The Dude Thats Works With His Brother..." I Said.

"Yeah Yeah Continue" Gem Told Me.

"Anyways He Told Me Damien Who Works For His Brother Who With Tay Who He Tried To Get With Until You... You Know Swooped In Like Prince Charming" I Said.

"Is That What He Told You..?" Gem Asked.

"Prince Charming" JJ Said. "That Has A Nice Ring To It" He Added.

"JJ Shut Up" Gem Told Him.

"Anyways Tymir Said He Knows How You Feel About Tay And That Since He Know Me And I Know You He Felt The Need To Tell Me That Tay Aint Safe... And That Damien Is Gonna Get His For Playing With His Brothers Money..." I Told Them.

"So Whats Gonna Happen To Damien?" Gem Asked Me.

"Plain Old Drive By... Or One To The Head Execution Style" JJ Said.

"Yup... What He Said" I Told Them.

"Well Ima Have To Visit An Old Friend... Cause Damien Being Let Off That Easy Dont Fit In With What I Got Planned For Him" Gem Said.

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