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Soft snores interrupt my deep sleep and I wake up to the sound of Marvin Gaye's Troubleman playing through the blindingly white room.

I stare at the blinding ceiling and I suddenly get the weird lost feeling like when you wake up at someone's house and you freak out because you forgot you stayed while you thought you were sleeping in your room.

I look around the small room and my eyes land on the two men sleeping on the insanely small couch next to my bed. I let out a small chuckle that turns into a dry cough which stirs Sam and Steve awake. I smirk at them. "On your left."

Sam throws his hands up in an exaggerated manner. "Oh come on! Not you too." Steve just lets out a chuckle.

"Steve and I are a limited edition vintage set, so you either get two or nothing." I tell Sam. "Isn't it three?" Sam asks referring to Bucky. I do a small shrug that sends a small ache through my shoulder. "You have to earn him, and I doubt you can stand all three super soldiers under one roof."

Sam shrugs and nods in agreement. "Well the last time the three of you were in the same place, my beautiful new car was destroyed along with other civilians's vehicles and causing chaos, and you guys destroyed HYDRA and SHIELD in less than 10 minutes." Sam lists out and exaggerating the emphasis on new and and.

"So basically, I think I'm fine with just one." He adds.
"We were worse back then." Steve adds and we all let out a small laugh. "Uh I think you were the trouble maker." I point at Steve and he fakes an offended gasp. "I was not."

"Who was the 10 year old carrying around a pocket knife?" I ask him, remembering all the times the three of us got in trouble.

He rubs the back of his neck when Sam looks at him surprised. "Hey I still saved your life though." He defends.

I shrug in agreement. "Whatever, Anyways, when do I get to leave this place?"

"I think tomorrow. I don't really know." Steve answers with a thinking face. "I'll go ask." Sam says and leaves the room.

Steve waits for the door to be fully closed before turning to me. "So what exactly happened after I passed out?" He asks.

"I couldn't fight him any longer." I answer as I fiddle around with the TV remote.

He points to my face and raises an eyebrow. "That's it?"

"Well he beat me to a bloody pulp, then he saved us both, and then he left." I answer as it were everyday stuff. But in reality, I'm dying inside from the fact that he's all alone god knows where. And I think he might've even remembered us.

He sighs."You let him go." I know he understands why I did it. "Dude I could barely breathe on my own, and you still wanted me to hold him back." I retort and he just shrugs.

I look at him."We're not the only ones who're gonna be after him, you know that right?"

"Which is why we need to find him first." He answers. "And I doubt we'll have an easy time." He continues.

"He's probably halfway across the world by now." Steve says as he lets out a tired yawn. "How long have you been here?" I ask him.

"I haven't left the hospital in three days." He answers.

"What!?" Jesus, how hard did Bucky hit me? After so much pain, I went partially numb.

"I spent two days hospitalized while your body temporarily shut down to heal itself. So it's all good." He explains.

Sam comes back with some coffee. "So good news, you're being released tomorrow." He smiles handing a coffee to Steve.

"What happened to my coffee?" I ask him.

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