i'm liam payne's little sister?!(one direction fanfiction)

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my name is Lee Anna Payne. you probably want to know a little about my life. when I was four my mom and dad died in a terrible fire. my brother, sisters, and I are the only living survivors. my moms name was Elliekate Payne. my dads name was kaleb shule. my sister Lindsey is the oldest. my brother liam Payne is the next oldest. I am the third oldest. my sister Alexis is the youngest. Lindsey was 8 when the fire occurred. liam was 6. I was four. Alexis was two. Alexis was the first to find a permanate home. she went to live with aunt Elizabeth moms sister. I went to live with aunt Candace dads aunt. liam went to live with grandma shelia. Lindsey went to live with grandma constance dads mom. aunt Candace and uncle jay have 8 kids. their names are Daniel, the oldest, alex and Jason, the 2nd oldest twins, Allison, the 3rd oldest, Isabell, the 4th oldest, McKenzie and Elizabeth, the 5th oldest twins, and Dannie lynn, the 6th oldest. I stayed there until I was 6. Lindsey was 10. liam was 8. alexis was 4. I went to live with my relatives the kanes. my cousin Maxwell kane lived with his grandparents. Maxwell was super protective of his friend and I. I had to leave when I was 8. Lindsey was 12. liam was 10. alexis was 6. I went to live with the dylans. I lived next door to max. I left there when I was 10. Lindsey was 14. liam was 12. alexis was 8. I spent the rest of my life with my great grandparents. liam was on the x-factor. he joined a band called one direction. there was four other boys in the band. harry styles, Louis tomilison, niall horan, and zayne malik were the other four boys. I would soon see my family again.

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