Reunion with a Loyal Friend

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Your whole vision was pitch black, your closed eyelids obscuring any possible light to brighten your mood. Those stupid words, 'Prince Noctis,' ran through your head like a broken record refusing to disappear. Why did it seem like the whole world was crumbling down to pieces the more you thought of the prince? You had to submit to your pity completely aware that you were a mere commoner beside a princely figure like him. Yet why did all the Gods hidden in the heavens decide to intertwine your souls together? A predestined meeting set by the divine most would distinguish it as.

A shaky sigh escaped the interior of your lungs, retracting a few steps away from the railing. Though, only through a sliver of a glimpse you managed to catch your supposedly taken brother kissing sensually with the same girl moments ago. 'Great job bro. You are an amazing womanizer.' You thought, marching back into the hallway. Your fingers subconsciously tugged at the hem of your silky dress, twisting its material through your fingertips. Why was everything happening so fast? Yet, a bright light illuminated your night, or a person to make it sound less dramatic. His beaming face diminished every trace of pity and harm in your expression.

"f-n? Is that really you? Oh my gods it is you!" The platinum blonde exclaimed, squeezing your abdomen with his lean yet toned arms.

"P-Prompto, you're kinda chocking the living Etro out of me." You wheezed out, stumbling back a little as he released you from his iron hug.

"Haha, sorry about that. It's just been so long since I've seen you. You look absolutely amazing in that dress." He said softly, running his slender fingers through his styled blonde locks to help cool down the evident blush staining his freckled cheeks.

"It's really not the greatest dress in the world. Quite tight from my perspective." You responded, fidgeting in it for double guilt effect.

"Your personality hasn't changed one bit. Still as much as a complainer." He stated with a Cheshire grin.

"And you're still as much as a teaser and improper person." You retaliated back, noticing the green tie dangling loosely out of his blazer, just like during your school years.

"So, anybody accompanying this fine lady this evening?" He questioned still wearing his signature smile.

"Nope, except my parents and brother." You answered softly.

He quietly "Oh's." in response, tilting his head away from your blank gaze. Your life never was normal than an average girl's life. Your brother grew up to be the party animal of the school, arriving late from school with a container of beer in his grasp, trudging towards his room. Everyday in your younger days, you buried your body under the thin blanket sheets, afraid of the consequences of greeting your brother while drunk. Perhaps gaining a few blows to the abdomen or cheeks seemed a bit painful the very first time, but you coped with it. Sometimes when the friendly blonde visited you for his daily tutoring lesson, he'd catch you curled against the corner of your room, inaudible mewls of help flooding his ears, your parents being completely oblivious to your whimpers.

"Anything special happened to you lately?" Prompto asks with a tilt of his head.

"Eh not really, unless you count talking to a Prince." You reply uninterested.

"Wah, you met Noct already!?" Prompto exclaims, his azure eyes widening in surprise.

"You know the guy?" You ask with shock.

"Yeah, we became friends during high school. Once you moved away from the area, Noctis and I began to hang around with each other more often, then a beautiful friendship sprouted." He says dramatically.
You hum in reply, entering the main room, flooded with officials and people of royalty wearing overpriced tuxes and gowns.

"You wanna go somewhere a little more private?" Prompto questions, noticing your unpleasant gaze.

"Yeah, that'd be better for me." You answered.

His fingers looped with yours seconds after, leading you to a staircase arching slightly in a curve as you entered the upper floor. A glorious portrait of the goddess herself, Etro, in a golden inscribed frame hung loosely by the window panels. The crescent moon landscaped the background causing an ominous aura to surround her representation. The leather cushion sunk beneath your weight, examining the portrait through half-lidded eyes. Why me, out of all people living on the world of Eos, me? Tears slowly began to cascade, dripping onto the black tiles of the floor releasing all the bottled emotions concealed behind an empty smile. Prompto gingerly slung an arm around you shoulders, placing his chin atop you head.

"P-Prompto..." You whimpered softly, digging your fingernails into his ebony coat.

"Sh, I know." He murmured softly from above, clutching onto you for dear life.

Seconds then minutes passed before hearing a gunshot ring across the whole palace, erupting the royal palace into utter chaos...

Author's Notes
I know this was a short chapter, but a lot more will happen in the next chapter :)
You at least got to meet up with your best friend Prompto at least! Please check out my Noctis x Reader x Prompto one-shot book when you have the chance :D

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