Chapter Two, The Guardians of the Light

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Uncle Perce, Mom threw away your card as soon as we got home so I'm texting you instead. She won't set up a time for you to come so I have to do it, because I have questions and I don't care if she gets mad at me. When can you come over?

Bennie sent the text first thing in the morning before going downstairs, preparing to fight with her Mom to let her go to practice.

"I know what you're thinking," Sandra started in before Bennie even finished coming down the stairs. "I'm going to be crazy and overprotective and not let you go to practice, but before you get mad, there is no practice."

"What are you talking about?" Bennie made her way into the kitchen to find her breakfast already waiting: sausage, toast and fresh fruit.

"The school called, and they have temporarily suspended practice pending the investigation into what happened yesterday," her Mom pushed the butter across the table, continuing her explanation while Bennie spread it on her toast. "They're going to get everyone's statements and they're going to make sure that Coach Winny was following procedure and didn't deliberately endanger you out on the field in the storm."

"Are they crazy?" Bennie said. "Of course she followed procedure. It only just started raining and the first strike was right on top of us and we were going inside when the second happened! She didn't do anything wrong! They can't fire her for that!"

"No one's getting fired, Bennie. They just have to make sure everything was handled properly because someone might try to sue them."

"Not us, I hope," Bennie raised her eyebrow at her mother, who smiled sheepishly.

"You'll forgive me for being a bit dramatic yesterday when I got a call telling me my only child was struck by lightning," Sandra sipped her coffee. "But I am not an ambulance chaser as you well know. That was rude, what you said yesterday, by the way. But no, I'm sure they'll clear everything up just fine, maybe make the rules on playing in the rain a bit stricter, but that's for the best in my opinion, and I'll be sure to make them consider it."

Of course it is, Bennie thought to herself before saying aloud, "How long will they keep us off the field? If we can't practice we can't compete with other teams and that could hurt my scholarship chances later on."

"That's my smart girl, thinking forward," Sandra smiled at her. "But I doubt you need to worry. It won't be anywhere near long enough to hurt your game, and if you're really thinking about scholarships and college, you could use this downtime to get started on those summer reading assignments of yours."

"Mom, it's still June!"

"And it'll be August before you're ready. Now, they won't be taking our statements until tomorrow, so you'll have today free, and I'll be back tonight."

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