Part 48 🍇

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The day after the stabbing

You woke up in Donnie's bed. He suggested she should just sleep in a bed that isn't Raphael's at the moment. And Leo..He loves her to much. You got up out of bed with your arm in a sling and left for Raph's room. You wanted to see how he was doing. "raph?" you knocked your knuckle on the door. He opened the door slightly. "Why are you talking to me?" He simply asked. "what do you mean?" "I was so mean towards you and yet your here..knocking on my door." "Honey..I love you. Don't think i won't stand by you when your having issues." He opened the door all the way. He was wearing Nike sport shorts that went down to his knees. You walked up to him and hugged him with one arm. From afar Leo saw you forgive Raph. Leo just left for the dojo to practice to get you off his mind even though his arm was penetrated. You walked into Raph's room and sat on his bed and then laid down on your good side. He sat down by your side on the floor as you were in the bed. He took your hand in his. He softly messaged his thumb on our hand. "I love you Y/N..I really do. I'm so sorry about whats happen to you." You smiled with your teeth glowing. "I love you too raphie-bear" He smirked happily. "Is there anything I can do to make this up to you. I really do feel absolutely awful. Please there must be something I can do." "Well there is something you can do.." "What. What i 'll do anything." You smiled at him.
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Raph walked up to Leo while he was practicing horribly. He bent the butt of his sword upwards and that included him bending his wounded arm. He flinched as the sword dropped out of his hand and he grabbed his wrist. he wanted to grab for his actual wound but grabbing it would've hurt..badly. Raph stood above his brother. Leo sighed "what do want Raph" Raph looked away then back to his brother while licking his lips. "i'm sorry." He mumbled "your what?" He rearranged his toothpick "I'm sorry." he said slowly and softly. Then a tennis ball was thrown at the back of Raph's head. He looked in the corner of his eye knowing it was you telling him 'do it right!' "I'm sorry." he said normal toned. Another tennis ball was thrown at his head. raph exhaled annoyed "I'm sorry for fighting with you..And (looks away then to the ground) for stabbing your arm.." He looked to his brother for something. Leo saw your elbowed blue sling peeking out from the wall and then looked at Raph. "I forgive you." You walked into the room "Hey guys!" Leo smiled "Hey Slugger." he said giving you a minor noogie. "So how are you two?" Leo looked at Raph then to you "we're good." Leo answered.
Your stomach was feeling weird again so you ran into the bathroom and didn't make it to the toilet so you puked in the sink. Raph came in making sure your ok. You left the door open by like an inch by accident. You then held your hands over your mouth and moved your head to the toilet. Raph looked at all the puke on the sink that you missed and then his eyes traveled over to you holding your hair back with your hands as your head bobbed in gags of puke. He knelt down and held your hair for you as you did your thing. He looked away grossed out. He then heard you flush the toilet so he looked at you. He got up and went into the closet to get paper towels for your face. He wiped your face for you. "thanks" you thanked him. He smiled with his eyes all soft "no problem" Leo came in "Is y/n ok?" "Yea she's alright; i think she might have the stomach flu." "Should i get donnie for you?" "Nah i'll take care of it." raph insisted. "alright." Leo left the room for Raph to take care of everything. Especially since he's your boyfriend. "come on; how about you go and see Donnie. I'll clean up here." "are you sure. its really gross in here." he smiled "Yea i'm sure." "alright. I'll let you know how it turns out." You stood up and before you passed him he slapped your ass. 'aayeee.." you complained. "aye." he hello-ed you. You laughed as you left the room. You ran into Donnie; and just in time. "hey Donnie. You wanna play doctor?" "what?" "Raph thinks i'm sick." "Oh-yea sure come on over to the 'waiting area'" he quoted with his fingers as he smiled. you laughed and followed him. Once you were in a blue chair he checked your eyes with a flash light, your glands on the throat, your pulse, your forehead, your saliva with a cotton swab. "Well i don't see anything. Your perfectly normal." "Are you sure? cause i just threw up like a hose and i puked yesterday too." "hmm..maybe its something your eating." you thought about it "I haven't eaten anything unusual. Its all the same food." "Well why don't you go to the gas station or a store for something to sooth your stomach. We don't have anything here at the moment." "Alright, Well i'll go do that. I'll be back." Donnie turned around and started typing something into his computer. You went up above and grabbed a Peptobismol; that gross pink stuff. And before you left a pregnancy test grabbed your eyes. You bought it just in case. You left for the sewers again and ran into Raph's room for a sec. Then you drank some pink stuff and then in the bathroom pee-ed on the stick. You waited for a result but then you forgot to throw away the box for the prego test and was afraid how Raph would react to finding that. You placed the test on the sink counter for one second and left the room. Within that one second raph came into the room to wipe down his face from working out with cold water. He took off his mask and he place it on the counter as he accidentally knocked something over. He bent down to pick it up and right then and there you returned to see raph holding the test. He heard you close the door as he looked at the test then you. "your pregnant?" He questioned. "i am?" you asked him. He handed you the test. You looked down to see a pink plus sign. you ran your hand through your hair from your forehead to the top and put your hand on your hip as you shook your head in disbelief. looked up at him "I'm pregnant." you told him. "That means, i'm gonna be a father." "Apparently." He hugged you over joyed. He was squeezing you a bit to tight.
"hows Mr. Splinter gonna react?" "I really don't know."

To be continued

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