Burning Passion - ch1

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He pinned her against the wall and kissed her senseless as he fumbled with her clothes, trying to feel more of her perfect body. He kissed her neck, grazing his teeth on her skin and she gasped. His hand caressed the exposed skin on her back and traveled under her shirt, tracing with his fingers her lacy bra. He tangled his other hand in her hair and pulled gently.

She moaned at the contact and wove her long fingers through his hair, pulling him closer, crushing her mouth on his. He pulled his hand, only to move it to her front where he reached up and barely touched her breast over the bra, making her arch her back as she tried to get more of his touch.

He kissed her hungrily and lightly bit her bottom lip while cupping her breast fully. Even with her clothes on, she was making him even harder. She slid down the wall a little, rubbing her body against his and felt how excited he was.

He groaned and pressed himself into her more, making her whimper. He grabbed the hem of her shirt and swiftly pulled it off her, exposing her torso. His eyes lingered on her breasts and he licked his lips unconsciously. He gulped thinking how much he wanted to thrust his hard shaft inside her and she squirmed under his intense gaze.

She couldn’t stop herself from ripping his shirt open, causing a few buttons to fly everywhere. He grinned and kissed her again as she slid the shirt down his arms, letting it fall on the floor. He fumbled with the buttons of her jeans and slid his hands inside, groping her ass. He tugged the material as he got down on his knees and took it off.

His eyes traveled up her long, sinful legs to her body, her most intimate parts covered with black lace. A sharp intake of breath and one more look on her beautiful face, completely flushed, the image of pure pleasure and anticipation was all it took. “Perfect” he growled as he kissed his way up her body and at the same time dragged his hands up her legs slowly.

He stopped when he reached the inside of her thighs and took another breath, this time deep and long, savoring it as if it was the most special, rare, addictive scent in the world. She was so wet for him already that he could smell her oh so obvious arousal. His shaft was so hard by now, it was painful.

He kissed her over her panties and she whimpered as he bit gently the hood hiding her swollen cl!t. All she wanted right now was his warm tongue there, praying for some sort of release to wash over her.

He groaned and bit down again harder as he groped her a$s. Her fingers dag in his shoulders, leaving little red crescent marks. “Please” she breathed. She couldn’t take any more teasing. She needed him desperately. She needed him all over her, inside her. Her core throbbed and if he kept teasing her like that, torturing her, she sure wouldn’t last long.

“Please” she begged again. He realized she was close, really close to her cl!max and didn’t know whether to suck her dry or ram his d!ck inside her, take her like an animal. Damn it, he wanted both. He wanted to have her writhing under him, moaning his name, screaming in ecstasy. Make her forget everything but him.

He never wanted anything so bad in his life before. Her body tingled at his touch, she was about to explode. “David” she tried to make him understand, to sound stern but it came out as a moan instead. The way his name sounded from her plump lips was like a sweet melody he wanted to hear again and again for the rest of his life. He was now more determined than ever.

He stood up and framed her face. Their breathing ragged, their eyes burning in each other. The tension between them, both physical and emotional, was unbelievable. And it was like throwing water in burning oil.

He already knew she was the one before any of that happened. When he saw her at that theater for the very first time and every time for the next two months. She was all he ever wanted. All he ever needed. He couldn’t lose her now. No way.

“Go out with me” he whispered and let all his emotions out for her to see. It was never about s3x with her. He needed her in his life just like he needed air to breathe. No, correction; he could manage without air but not without her. Tonight was the first time he got to be with her like this, touch her the way he did. But those were her rules and he had to play by them, even if he believed they were utter bullsh!t. However, he had no choice in the matter.

But he couldn’t go through with it. Not anymore. He was trying so hard to hold on, to keep everything inside. He just couldn’t, it was too much. Not without her knowing. He wanted to be with her. To make love to her.

“What?!” she gasped. She hoped she somehow heard it wrong. He wouldn’t do this to her, would he?

“Go out with me. On a date” he asked again hopefully.


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