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Shadow the Hedgehog Love Story

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Shadow the Hedgehog Love Story
One day, Shade was walking in the park with her friend Kate. (They are both human at the moment.) "Hey, Kate do you ever wonder what it's like to be in the world that Sonic and Shadow and them are from?" I asked. Kate smiled at me and said, "Yes, Shade I do. I wonder what Tails is like?" She said blushing at the thought of being a fox just like Tails. I laughed and said he same only wishing to meet Shadow. It was getting late, Shade walked home and said bye to Kate and gave her a hug and they both went home. Shade went into her room which was black and red just like Shadow and her hair was black with red streaks and she was gothic. She turned on her IPod and played "Numb" by Linkin Park and fell asleep with her Shadow plushie in her arms. The next day, Shade woke up at 10am and went down for breakfast and made herself some Bacon and eggs with a side of toast splattered with Strawberry jam. After she ate, she walked outside to her backyard and put her earbuds in. She stopped when she saw a glowing Crimson red gem, "What's this?" Shade said as she walked towards the gem and picked it up. Suddenly, she was transformed into a red and black hedgehog, had on shoes like Shadow's, and had spiked jewelry on, and had on a black top, with a red skull in the middle, black pants with a spiked belt and chains on them, and gold inhibitor rings around her wrists and crimson red eyes. Meanwhile, Kate was also transformed. She was now a sky blue fox with blonde streaks in her bangs and ocean blue eyes.

Kate's POV
I wasn't sure how it happened but, somehow I was transformed into a fox. "Woah, how did this happen?" I said confused. I started walking around the strange world I was now in when suddenly, somebody bumped into me. "Hey, watch it I'm walking h-" I stopped when I saw who ran into me.

Normal POV
"Oh, I'm so sorry miss are you alright?" Tails said looking at Kate and helping her up. Kate just stared blankly for a second. "Yes, I'm alright thank you." Kate said blushing a little. "My name is "Miles Prower" but everyone calls me Tails. What's your name?" Tails said smiling at her. Kate smiled back and said, "I'm Kate, it's nice to meet you Tails." Tails giggled and said that he was glad to meet her too. "Kate, you should meet the others they will love you." Tails said offering Kate his hand. Kate blushed and nodded and walked with Tails to the house.

Shade's POV
I wandered around the strange dark woods I was in not knowing where I was or how I got there. I suddenly saw a red and black hedgehog leaned against a tree asleep or so I thought. "Um...hi where am I?" I said shyly walking up to him. He opened his eyes and looked over at me and said nothing. "You are in Mobius, the place you are in right now is the Deep Woods." He finally said coldly. I looked at him and said, "I'm Shade. If I'm not mistaken you are Shadow am I right?" I said in a low voice. Shadow looked over at me coldly and said, "Yes, I am the ultimate life form too. Shade how do you know who I am?" I looked away and said nothing to him. Shadow suddenly picked me up and carried me on his back to a Golden Mansion.

Normal POV
Tails and Kate both arrived at the Mansion and walked in. "Hey, guys meet Kate." Tails said pointing to Kate and smiling. Amy walked up to her and hugged her, "Hi! I'm Amy Rose it's nice to meet you Kate!" The pink hedgehog smiled at her. Kate smiled back, the next person who greeted her was a blue hedgehog, "The name's Sonic, Sonic the Hedgehog! Pleasure to meet u Kate." Sonic said putting his right thumb up and closing his left eye. Kate looked over at Shade. "Shade! I'm so happy to see you!" Kate said hugging Shade tight. "Kate...choking...not breathing." Shade said breathless. Kate let go as soon as she heard her say that. "Sorry, Shade." She said embarrassed. After everyone introduced themselves Amy decided to make Lunch for everyone. Shade walked up her room that was painted just like she was and she lied down on her bed and went to sleep. *Shade's Dream* A human version of Shade was seen walking around the school halls when suddenly, some kid pushed her down and beat her up. And she did nothing at all but let them beat her up and she ran to the bathroom and cried. *end of dream* Shade woke up and saw Shadow sitting beside her on her bed. "Did u read my dream?" Shade asked looking at Shadow. Shadow nodded without a smile and said that he had read her dream. Shade hugged him and started to cry in his chest. "It's okay Shade, I'm here and nobody's gonna hurt you as long as I'm here." Shadow said giving her a smile. Shade smiled back and stopped crying "Now, is that better babe?" Shadow said laying Shade down on her bed gently and smirked at her. Shade blushed as Shadow towered over her. "Um...yeah...Shadow wh-" Shade was cut off by Shadow kissing her very passionately.

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