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Pen Your Pride

[ A/N ] Sorry if some of you think this is a bit unrealistic... after all, it is fan FICTION. Fiction means that it isn't really real, more of a form of imagination....

lol, yeah I hope I made my point. ;-)
BritishBums xox

Chapter Status: Edited


{ Harry's POV }

"Bye," Niall replies while quickly hugging Blue and her friend, Hannah.
The other boys do the same, leaving me last. They all look at me expectantly.

"Sorry, um we don't do hugs." Blue chuckled, shrugging.

"Well what do you two do?" Liam rose an eyebrow.

Have sex.

"Nothin'," I simple say. Blue kept a straight face.

"Yep, well it's been such a night. We'll start to get going now," Blue reported while shuffling her hands around.

"Thanks so much, this was awesome," I could see right through Hannah, she was fangirling. Hannah gives me a hug, me hugging her properly as I smiled. Blue smiled as well, looking away into the distance.

"We're going now," Blue waved, her hair flowing with the current of the wind.

{ Blue's POV }

Once I had gotten back to the dorm room, I tiredly crawled into my warm bed and sighed.

What a night, man.

"Thanks for doing this for me," she paused. "Y'know, tonight... it was amazing." Hannah breathed out dreamily, also falling back onto her bed happily.

"Yeah, no problem," I chuckled, staring at the ceiling.

"So, Harry yeah? You never really told me you two had a relationship,"

"We don't," I immediately replied while scowling. Harry's just to keep my pleasure. I hope everyone knows that.

"Mhm," She hummed. "What about Dylan Matthews, the hot frat boy?''

"He's still mine, nothing has changed, Hannah," I snapped.

"Okay! Okay. I'm just going over it to make sure,"

"Yeah," I muttered, my eyes fluttering closed. Believe it or not, I had fallen asleep in a heartbeat.

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