Okay Okay I can do this

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I'm crying right now this is my first story I wrote


I suck in my breath. I look over and see my bridesmaids are ready and so am I. I am just scared what if he doesn't say I do? What if he isn't going to show?
Iz calm yourself no what ifs it's do it don't and you love him. Percy is a groomsmen but he is going to walk me down the aisle. The only people who are at the wedding that aren't groomsmen or bridesmaids are Mom and a few other people not many people.
The music starts and we walk down the same and Percy hands me off and joins the groomsmen. The priest goes on and on till vowa. " Isabella Jackson. I swear I'm the river Styx*thunder* that I will love you for the rest of your life and longer. When we pranked together I love the clean in your eyes and how joyful you are. I can't wait to be with you for the rest of our now intertwined lives" "Connor Stoll I promise to love you forever. I will be by your side through everything I swear I'm the River Styx that we will be toghether and I will always love you. From the day we met I was in love with you now we will be together always." We said out I do's and kisses passionitly. We head over for cake.

And soon for a few relaxing days.

Okay so far there are 4 yes and 0 no to sequel.
One more to this book and it's done. I will see you all soon you CAN vote still

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