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Ethan's Pov

"WHAT THE HELL!" after I pushed Nina off me I started to shout why the hell would she do this, she knows I'm with Lily.

"i... uh..." she stumbled on her words looking at me with disappointment "i thought... you... uh wanted me too" she finished

"why would you think that Nina... i'm with Lily, i love her" i finished "not you" as soon as i said it her hurt expression turned to anger

"you want to know why i would think that?... well since i've got back you've been comforting me when I'm scared, caring for me... and last night i thought that my feelings weren't one sided anymore... then you kept talking about your problems with Lily"

"yes, we have problems but that does not mean you can just kiss me!"

"look you don't have to make me feel like crap Ethan...." she crossed her arms crossed her chest and looked the other way "if you tell me you didn't feel anything when we kissed i'll leave it alone... Lily never has to know" she faced me raising an eyebrow. i stayed silent, i would be lying if i said i didn't feel anything when we kissed she was my first crush... for as long as we've been friends i've dreamt of kissing her. but the kiss was different it's not like when i kiss Lily when i kiss lily i feel venerable and powerful at the same time, she makes me feel whole, i smile just thinking about her and it hurts me when she's sad.

I looked Nina in the eyes as she smirked, her eyes where shinning she knew what I was thinking.

"Look I would be lying if I said I didn't feel anything but I don't love you Nina... not anymore" as I said the last words she frowned and looked at the floor then sighed.

"I wont tell Lily..." she said quietly, she looked at me one last time and walked down the corridor not looking back. I knew I had to tell lily what happened I don't want to lie to her I just have to pick the right timing to do it. I left my locker going to the dinning hall.

As I walked up to the table I saw that Nina and Lily weren't there I frowned slightly, maybe Lily went home she looked really tiered but why didn't she tell me.

"Hey guys" I say to everyone they all nod and go back to eating their lunch in silent,apart from Mia who was staring at her phone.

"whats wrong?" Riley asked her

"he's on the news" she said

"Who?" Charlie asked

"Daniel" we all got out of our chairs and looked at her tiny phone she was right, dangle was on the new they were hunting him down ... apparently he had been apart of multiple murders and drug crimes in the county and is wanted for those crimes.

"I told you we should have told the police" Mia said quietly turning her phone off.

"Where's Lily?" Charlie asked

"i don't know i thought she would be with you guys"

"we haven't seen her since class" Mia said

"what about Nina?" Riley asks

"i think she wanted to be alone' i said not looking them in the eye, i then saw Mia text on her phone quickly

"who are you texting?" i ask

"my best friend... she has the right to know besides somethings up" she said grabbing her bag "will you take me to the dance studio" she asked Riley who nods and went with his girlfriend

"you're not coming" Riley asks

"ill look at her house to see if she's there" i said they nodded and i then sat next to charlie as he raised an eyebrow at me "what?" i ask

"what did you do" he said seriously

"why do you think i did something?" i asked in defence

"Because Lily ... wouldn't do anything to hurt someone" he said in all serious and he was right she's to pure.

"Nina kissed me" i said quietly

"Of course she did" he said sourly , they never got on Nina and Charlie which is ashamed, but then again they are quite similar.

" i pushed her away but it still happened "

"did you feel something' i nodded "bloody hell... you know you have to tell lily ... she's been puled around by one guy she cant be pulled around by another" he said i nodded in argeement

"but the thing is the kiss with Nina was nothing compare to lily... Lily is passionate and soft at the same time, she strong and weak... she just everything" i knew i was smiling when i said it

"You really love her don't you," he asked I nodded "then you better get ready to beg cause she docent put up with no crap," I laughed ... I knew I was going to have to beg but that was fine, I would always want her.

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