A/N: Something in common

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Today I've watched both Episode IV and III in this order, and after watching Ep. III I've realized something I've always known but I never gave the importance it's actually got.
I feel in the need of saying it somewhere, and I found the perfect place in here.
After watching both episodes, I've found out that Anakin is incredibly innocent in that movie... I've always seen him in there like a mature and strong man but today I've got to see he was just an insecure and scared boy.
His innocence makes easy for Palpatine to play with him and his feelings. His innocence makes him see a lamb instead of a wolf.
He may seem cold and too mature for his age, because he was only twenty two and had lived, seen and sometimes even done horrible things. But he was still a twenty two-year-old boy with insecurities and fears.
I guess that's why I'm completely fascinated by him.
We fans use to think that Anakin is more like Leia and Padmé is more like Luke... but Luke's innocence comes from his father, the same way Leia's strong beliefs come from her mother.
I've felt that the Luke from ANH and the Anakin from ROTS have in common more than we think.

What do you think?

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