More Weird Words!

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A/N Ha ha. More weird and funny words to learn. Speaking of learning. . . .

Abecedarian: Someone who is learning the alphabet!

Not me just saying. I know my abj's perfectly thank you!

Cachinnation: Loud or hysterical laughter.


Dactylonomy: Counting using your fingers

I still do that sometimes! :)

(It's livies amazing co writer here and yeah I do that too :P )

Inaniloquent: Saying silly things!

Like . . .


Yeah I know you'r jealous of my cool imagination ;)

Maledicent: One who is addicted to abusive speech.

Does that mean swearing too? Or is it just rasist remarks? hmmmmm

Lethologica: When you can't remember a word or is unable to remember it.

I hate it when I have that sometimes. It's on the tip of your tongue and it annoys me so much. Then it comes back to you randomly a few hours later.

Quomodocunquize: Doing anything to earn money.

Once I had to earn money by doing runcation. I don't like it, but here's what it means. . .

Runcation: The act of weeding.

I hate hard out weeding. But if it's for money I would do it!

Barmp: Toot your car horn


Faggot: A pile of half cooked codfish

Yes when you call someone a faggot you are calling them a big pile of half cooked codfish!

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