Chapter 12

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Well, it took me way to long to write this and I feel horrible for making you wait so long. It makes me feel like I let you guys down. I hope I can start putting chapters up more often than not. I would like to that my loyal readers for staying with me and for all the new people out there, I'm glad you decided to join the fun.

I also want to apologize for my horrible grammar, syntax, diction and other mistakes. I started rereading my own story and found so many mistakes like I originally wrote that Lissa and Rose had only a one-way bond then changed it to two way and I want to apologize. I promise to try and work hard to make sure that no longer happens.

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When we finally reached Alberta's office she was on the phone barking orders to whoever was on the other side of the line. Mom's phone rang and she immediately picked up and started talking after a second I turned out both women and started to let my mind take over.

My mind was still reeling over what Mase had said but also trying to figure a way to escape after everybody was safe. I refuse to be the reason that puts the people I love in danger. I could feel Dimitri staring at me. I want nothing more than to be able to be some happy couple that lives a happily ever after, but life isn't that easy. I'm going insane (if I'm not already), Strigoi are coming after me, Oh and my parents want to kill my...I don't know what he is anymore.

Alberta hung up the phone and turned to me. "Rose do you had any idea why they're after you?"

"Your guess is as good as mine," I stated. I looked around to everybody in the room. "I'm sorry I tried to hurt you...all of you. And you have reason in the world to trust me and frankly, I don't trust my self," I looked down not wanted to meet their eyes. I felt Dimitris' hand cup my chip and forced me to meet his eye's.

"I will always trust you no matter what," I could see the sincerity in his eyes.

"Like I said before you shouldn't I'm going to become something terrible I might already be something terrible." That was hard enough to say the first time and now it was a million time worst.

"You're strong, so soo strong, that is only one of the reasons I love you. And we will get through this and find a way; don't you dare try to argue it because you will not win. Got it?" I nodded

"Good." That ended the conversation... for now. Until then we still had to figure out a way to stop an army of undead vampires.

We all turned to Alberta as soon as she hung up to phone.

" Okay, this is how we are going to do this. Six teams twenty guardians per team. I want one team at the main gate, one by the old watch cabins, and one at the back entrance. The other three will be distributed by the elementary campus, novice dorms and moroi dorms." It was a good plan but not great. Mom spoke before I could.

"Who will be heading up each team?"

"Me, You, Dimitri, Yuri, Celeste, and..." for the first time she seemed hesitant to say the last person. And after a brief moment, I realized why. So I took over.

"And me." All eyes turned to me.

"No absolutely not she's the one their after."both my parents started. Dimitri looks emotionless to everybody else but I could see the extreme worry behind the emotionless exterior.

"No, I will be I am more than aware of what I will be walking into. There isn't anybody else qualifie to run a team expesally in our current situation. It's my desition and I've made it." I stated with no room for argument. My parents looked both pissed and worried, Alberta looked guilty and Dimitri looks so concerned like I just signed up for my own execution.

So here is a new chapter I'm sorry its short. I'm working on the nect chapter and it should be up soon. Thank you to all my readers. Thanky you for all the vote, reads, and comments. I love you all.

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