Ch. 17 I'm burning that poster

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"Okay, let's eat. Jenna hates waiting."
We stand up and I notice another man in the room. Instinctively I know he's an Alpha, so I don't address him and keep my eyes averted. Lennox pulls me to his side and we walk out of the room and see a very angry Jessica coming towards us.
"I knew it! Dad, you lied!" She accuses, stomping our way.
He laughs. "Leave her alone, Jess. She's not your doll."
"I know that. I'm trying to figure out our Halloween costumes." She huffs.
"Halloween is still over two months away." Dad states, exasperated.
"I don't know how long she'll be here and we need to figure it out before she leaves. Right, Jocelyn?"
"Um, yes?"
"Just decide and tell her." Dad responds.
"Fine." She mutters and we walk to the kitchen.
The twins and two other guys, around Lennox's age turn, and watch us. I hate being the center of attention and the way I'm dressed right now isn't exactly making me feel comfortable.
"What are you wearing?" Jason, asks chuckling.
"Are you supposed to be the Sucker Punch girl?" Josh questions laughing.
"Jokes on you, pervert. Don't you have that poster in your bedroom?" Jessica, asks smirking.
Josh gets a disgusted look on his face and Jason laughs. "Oh, gross! I'm burning that poster."
"She does look a lot like that chick." One of the guys comments. "Good job, Jess."
"Thank you." She replies, beaming.
I still have no idea who the girl in the movie is so I don't add anything. I smell hamburgers and Italian sausages as the back door opens. Mom is carrying platters filled with the tasty meat. She looks at me and raises an eyebrow. "Shouldn't that kind of outfit be saved for the bedroom?" She teases knowing exactly what Jessica had planned for me earlier.
I blush as everyone laughs and bury my head in my hands. Lennox leans down and whispers in my ear. "You're keeping that outfit."
"Well, everyone, sit and dig in." Mom says, putting the food on the table. Mom sits at the end of the table, I sit next to her and Lennox. I grab a hamburger, chips, and potato salad. Just as I start to eat, I notice my mom keeps glancing at me. "Josh, don't you have a poster in your room that looks-"
"No, we're not talking about it." He snaps.
"We're going to be the girls from Sucker Punch for Halloween." Jessica explains.
"She's not wearing that anywhere." Lennox states, shaking his head.
"Oh, come on!" Jessica complains.
"I'd rather my daughters wear clothing. I'm with Lennox on this, pick something less revealing." Dad ordered, pointedly looking at a disgruntled Jessica. I, however, am very grateful. I mouth 'thank you' to him and go back to eating.
"Jocelyn, have you met Alpha Andrew Briggs?" I shake my head looking down the table to the two guys from earlier. "No, sweetie, he's across from you."
Embarrassed, I look over at him. "Sorry, nice to meet you."
He doesn't reply, just looks at me curiously.
Mom points to the two at the other end of the table. "That's Damon and Steven, two of our best enforcers." I smile and wave at them. I don't see T, Brenda or Rachael.
"Where's T and Brenda?" I ask.
"In their room. It's the hormones." Mom replies, smiling.
"Lennox, I want to take you to see the property where Andrew and I are allowing our packs to run with each other. It's right along our border. You might want to think of doing something similar."
Lennox agrees. He and dad leave after lunch, but not before Lennox orders me to our room to change. I put on black leggings and a loose black top. I just leave the room when I see Alpha Andrew Briggs. I lower my eyes and he stops in front of me.
"Do you play Call of Duty?" He asks, seriously.
"I have played it." I answer.
"Your brothers left with your dad. I need a partner, you in?"
I hear Jessica call my name. "Yes." I answer, panicking. He laughs and opens the door across from my room. I walk in and see the big screen TV with the Xbox hooked up and Call of Duty is waiting to be played.
Twenty minutes into the game and I forgot about him being an Alpha. "What are you doing? You keep missing that guy!" I shout standing up for the fifth time yelling at the screen. I am very competitive, something no one usually sees in me.
"Quit standing up every two minutes and I might be able to-" He yells, but is interrupted by a knock on the door. Jessica pokes her head in.
"What are you two doing?"
"Building a house. What does it look like, Jess?" Andrew remarks sarcastically. She sticks out her tongue and shuts the door.
"Pay attention." I remind him and start the game again. We just finish another level when I hear Lennox ask someone where I am.
"She's in Andrew's room. They've been going at it for hours." Jessica mutters.
My jaw drops and Andrew laughs. Lennox throws open the door almost breaking it off its hinges.
"I didn't mean it like that! I meant they've been playing that stupid game and arguing about it!" Jessica yells.
"Hey." I say, quietly. I can see he's not happy. I stand up.
"Wait, we have like five more levels before we can stop." Andrew states.
"Can I play?" I ask, nervously.
Finally he nods. "I'll be in Travis's office. Keep the door open." He orders and leaves.
I watch him go.
"Ready?" Andrew asks.
I turn back and we play for another hour. "Let's go for a run. I need to stretch before dinner." He states, standing up and walking to the door.
"I don't think-"
"Come on. We'll take Jess with us." He replies, knowingly.
I shrug and follow him. He opens up Jess's door. "We're going for a run, come with us."
"Yay! My first run with my sister!" She says, excitedly bouncing around me and pulling me to the stairs. We get to the backyard, Jessica and I walk off to strip and change. We meet up with Andrew's big grey wolf and start running. Andrew sets the pace. I keep up easily, even while taking in my surroundings.
Half an hour later, I look back to Jessica but don't see her. I stop and whimper, looking around frantically. I start running back the way we came not bothering to see if Andrew is following, I can hear his paws hit the ground behind me.
I quickly change and run into the house, finding Jessica in the kitchen helping with dinner. "Hey, sorry, you guys are too fast for me. I couldn't keep up."
I sigh. "You scared me. I thought something happened to you." I state, as Andrew calmly comes into the room.
"No, I'm just slow."
"I would have slowed down. You should have said something." I reply, feeling guilty that I ran too fast our first run together.
"It's okay, we'll go again tonight." She responds, in a bubbly voice.
I smile. "Can I help with dinner?" I ask.
"I think we're pretty much done. Everything is baking, just sit and relax." Mom says, waving me to the island. I sit on one of the stools and a bottle of water is placed in front of me.
"Thanks." I say, to Andrew as he sits next to me. "You have beautiful land here. It's a lot like Lennox's territory." I remark looking at my mom who is watching Andrew curiously.
"Yes, they're similar. I think Lennox has a few more miles than us, but his pack is bigger, too." She answers, shrugging and looking back at me.
I nod and watch as Rachael comes in the room looking bored. "How was shopping?" Mom asks.
"Good. When's dinner?" Rachel asks, taking a diet coke from the refrigerator.
"In another hour." Jessica answers as Rachel walks away.
I bite my lip. What did I do to her? It's obvious she doesn't like me.
"Someone is jealous." Andrew comments, amused.
Thinking he's taking about me, I huff. "What's not to be jealous of? She's tall and beautiful. I'd do anything for long legs like hers." I grumble.
"I know, I hate being short." Jessica agrees.
"I was talking about Rachel being jealous of you." I look at him perplexed. "You have Lennox, it's something she wants." He points out.
"Andrew, don't start anything." Mom warns.
"I'm only telling her why her big sister doesn't like her. She has a right to know." He replies, seriously.
Mom looks at me. "She'll get over it when she finds a mate."
"If she finds a mate. That girl-"
"Andrew!" Mom scolds trying not to laugh.
Andrew smiles and leans back in his stool. "Wanna finish the next level before dinner?"
"Nah, I want to hear more about the two of you." I point to mom and Jessica.
An hour later I'm overloaded with information and dazed at how much these two can talk without breathing. They really are the happiest people I've ever met. They're so similar it's like they're the sisters. I smile at their behavior and wish I was more like them. My stool is pulled back and Lennox lifts me up and sits down on my chair with me on his lap. I turn and smile at him, grateful he made me come. Who knows when I would have found the courage to come here and meet them? I would have wondered every night about them until I came. I'm really glad I'm here.
Everyone sits down for dinner talking and laughing with each other. It's halfway through dinner and Rachel talks for the first time. "Why do you keep staring at her?" She questions, Andrew who doesn't look her way.
"She's not like the others." He comments.
"What do you mean?" Mom asks calmly.
He looks away from me towards mom. "She's just different." He shrugs.
"She's not different, she's special." Mom corrects, smiling at me and I smile back.
"Same thing." He responds. I feel Lennox tense up and stare at Andrew. I put my hand on his thigh trying to get him to relax.
"You play COD, sis?" Jason asks. I nod and Josh adds. "You're by far our favorite sister." I laugh.
"Is she any good, though? Andrew?"
"I'm better than him." I reply, defensively.
"You're not better than me." Andrew states, crossing his arms.
"I saved your butt so many times." I remind him.
"That's because you kept standing up."
I roll my eyes. "It's not like I was standing in front of you."
"It was still distracting."
"That's a pretty lame excuse." Josh laughs.
"Totally, I stand up all the time." Jason adds.
I smirk. "See."
"You are wearing tight black pants and no underwear, I was distracted."
"I have underwear on." I reply, automatically.
"I know that now." He smirks. "Those barely count as underwear."
"Andrew, that's Lennox's mate." Dad interjects.
"I'm aware of that." Andrew acknowledges.
I relax. I know Lennox is still glaring, but Andrew just addressed the fact that I was Lennox's mate. He's not challenging him, Lennox is just being possessive.
"How old are you?" Andrew asks.
"I'll be eighteen on the twenty-sec- on the twentieth of September." I correct.
"You mated by choice?"
"He asked you and you said yes?"
I look at Lennox. "It was implied. I'm sorry, I don't see the point in these questions and you're really making him mad." I tell him nervously. I know the threat Lennox presents to Andrew and yet, he is still trying to antagonize him.
"My point is that he marked a girl before her eighteenth birthday and didn't get consent from her parents. It's against wolf law."
"Andrew, leave it." Dad states, bored.
"You don't care that he marked your daughter without her consent, or yours, before her eighteenth birthday?"
"I doubt he marked her against her will." Jessica scoffs. "He's an Alpha."
"Implied is not asking." He argues.
"Why do you care?" Lennox growls.
"It's not right." Andrew answers, simply.
"Does she look unhappy to you?" Lennox counters.
Andrew's eyes darken. "I could make her happier."
Lennox shoots out of his seat, his chair flying backwards from the force. I jump.

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