Chapter 38

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            "Open up bitch." I hear Bella shout as I reach my door. I groan looking heavenwards and open the door. I feel two huge weights engulfing me in a dinosaur hug and I stumble back, yearning for balance. 

"You finally acted smart." Carly gushes.

"And got a boyfriend!" Bella exclaims.

"Can't breath." I manage to speak and their grip tightens even more.

"We don't care." Carly says and starts tickling me. I immediately start a break dance and fumble my hands to tickle them back but don't achieve much success. We land on the floor with a thud and laugh like maniacs. Its a Saturday and we decided to meet up, study and then hang out. The twins pick up their bags and we head to my room.

"Boy this is amazing." Bella says as she examines the plank like an archaeologist studying an artifact. Carly goes by her side curiously and then wiggles her eyebrows at me which I ignore.

"I can imagine the happiness you must be feeling to have this room as your room." Bella teases and I roll eyes at her.

"Are we studying or not?" I ask switching the topic to which Carly nods and Bella groans. 

Two hours pass and we barely manage to study anything. Apparently Bella and Carly can't stop talking about anything but their and my recent relationships.

"We can be best friend and relationship goals. We have to." Bella squeals and I and Carly share a look. We finally keep our books down and settle for a movie with a some chips. They leave in the night and make myself an omelette for dinner. As I walk back to my room, I find a piece of paper lying and immediately recognize it. I pick it up and read,

'Goodnight Sammy a.k.a my girlfriend'

I smile as I clutch the note and keep it aside, landing on the bed and closing my eyes.

           I wake up early next morning to the sound of my phone ringing. I squint my eyes and see its dad. I pick up, my senses somewhat alert.

"Hey dad. Good morning."

"Hie honey. I'm afraid its not a good morning here." He says and I'm fully awake now.

"Dad what's wrong?" I ask gulping, my fingers crossed.

"Sam your mom has been unwell since last afternoon. She isn't responding and her eyes barely manage to open." He says, his voice croaked.

"Oh my God dad. What do the doctors say?" 

"They told me they can't say anything specific right now. And they say they are trying their best." He says unsure and fear spikes up in my body.

"Dad I'm coming to Texas. I can't stay here after hearing this."

"No Sam you can't. You have school and then exams too in a few weeks. And as it is, nothing is confirmed yet. The doctors didn't say that Andrea's condition is bad. Okay?"

"No dad. You're just trying to ease my stress. I want to meet mom. Its a two hour flight. I can visit on a weekend." I argue.

"See Sam, I don't want you t come here." He begins and I'm about to protest but he continues, "But, the weekend is far away and if still then your mother doesn't improve, we'll think about you coming here." He says sternly and I know he won't argue any further.

"Hmm." I say sadly and I hear him sigh on the other end.

"Baby girl listen. I know you're worried about Andrea but your holidays begin from next month right? You can come here immediately then. I won't let anything happen okay? Your trust me right?" He asks and I nod but then realize he can't see me.

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