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I narrowed my eyes at the smug smirk he was currently wearing. He obviously wasn't going down without a fight - but, neither was I.

"Never have I ever..." he drawled, his eyes focused on me, "slept with someone's bestfriend."

This game was about truth, but how many times had he lied while we were playing it? So I did the same.

I held in a smirk. I could see just how interested he was in this particular answer. I could practically feel jealousy radiating off him in waves.

My hands shook as I raised the cup to my lips, watching in both satisfaction and horror as the smirk dropped off his face and he actually looked hurt. 

Was winning this little game between us worth hurting him?

"Never have I ever..." I swallowed, "lied when I said 'I really like you,' " I'm sure he could see how specific I was being. 

So, he probably also could see my bottom lip trembling when he raised his red plastic cup to his lips, and took a long, agonizing gulp of the alcohol.

When he was finished chugging the last bit of beer, he wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, flashing me an arrogant grin.

Yeah. Winning was so worth it. 

So, game on bitch.

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