Ch 14: Harlots Just Love to Kiss

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Killian POV:

I was walking down main street when the old woman approached me, "Mr. Blythe."

I looked at he in surprise, "Mrs Adair. Lovely to see you again, is there something I can help you with?"

She looked around wearily, "Is there somewhere we can talk?"

I nodded, "care to join me for an afternoon meal?"

She nodded, taking the arm I offered to her. We were quiet as we walked down the streets of London, the old woman's attentions never staying in the same place for long.

She was afraid of something.

Gizmos words about this tiny thing torturing children and murdering her husband rang through my ears and I still had trouble believing such. She was a caretaker not a murderer. She seemed much to frail to even think up a plot of murder.

She looked around the tiny tea shop in almost a daze as we were sat on the patio, I pulled out her chair and patiently waited for her to be situated before taking my own seat across from her, "I hope this is suitable Mrs Adair."

"Oh..oh yes it is quite quaint, suitable and rather lovely. thank you. I could use the tea to calm my nerves anyway."

I had figured as much. "I am glad to hear that, now, what is it you wish to talk about?"

"The gladstone girls I was not entirely honest about them."

I looked over at her curiously about to ask exactly what she meant when a young woman approached and asked us what we would be having.

We were silent until she had gone and returned with our meals, "What do you mean not entirely honest?"

She took a sip of her tea, "well. I fear I had given you the impression that at least one of them was a nice girl...And while one of them was better than the other, they were both terrible evil children."

There was a sour look on the old woman's face that brought gizmos words to my mind again, "..they were just children."

"No. they were not they were too smart, too cold to be just children. they could read you like a book, and take what you wanted most. dreadful brats gave everyone hell. they just didnt know how behave, how to be proper young women."

Her tone of voice held an icy cruel note that almost had me cringing, "..I see.."

She went quiet for a long moment, scanning the crowd for something. "That woman..the one they call Gizmo. stay away from her Mr. Blythe. She is dangerous."

Well Gizmo being dangerous wasn't exactly a secret. "You know her?"

She looked over at me, stoney expression all on her face, "all to well she-"

"Afternoon to you Mr. Blyth, Mrs Adair."

The old woman jumped in shock a bit as we both faced to see Gizmo leaning on the low railing of the patio, back in her tight leather trousers, and strange things hanging from her belt. She tipped her hat to us. I offered a polite smile, "afternoon gizmo."

"Mind if I join you both?"

I looked to the old woman who was staring at Gizmo in a mix of barely hidden rage..and fear.

She was a afraid of Gizmo? Understandable to some level but the girl is harmless to you, unless you try to rob her and the like.

Mrs. Adair glanced at me before nodding stiffly, "entrance is around the corner dear w-"

Gizmo hefted herself over the low railing and pulled a chair over to us, "now. What was it we were discussing about me?"

I sighed....this woman. "Gizmo..."

"Were you talking about our sexual relations dearest that seems sort of a crude conversation to discuss with an old woman."

I gaped at Gizmo "what?"

The old woman looked shocked as Gizmo secretly shot me a mischievous look, "Come now, don't be coy Killian."

Dear lord this woman was going to ruin everything. "we are n-"

Suddenly Gizmo leaned over the table, the smell of metal and bluebells taking over my senses as she pressed his lips against mine. 

My fingers clenched at my sides as not to pull her closer so I could better taste the jasmine tea on her lips.

She on the other hand felt no such desires to keep things...tame.

Gizmo, out of all the bloody people on earth, is quite a passionate kisser.

It took some effort on my part to bring up the will to pull away, and when I managed to do such I turned to see mrs. adair's chair to be empty.

I glanced at the loon of a woman next to me,  "That...Gizmo dear was highly inappropriate."

He only response was a cheeky "harlots just love to kiss." before hopping back over the railing and disappearing into the bustling streets of London.

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